Unintentional ban + venting!

  1. haha, im sure the subject line made you all jump:rolleyes:...sorry, no 'new this' or 'new that'...although boy do i wish...

    im on my unintentional ban...because- i have no job and im in school...but thats not the worst of it...

    i have $220 in store credit waiting to be spent, but i REALLY dont want another wallet or little accessory...i want a BAG...which will have to wait, until xmas money comes in...

    to top it off, i applied to work at the LV in tampa seasonally, and to my surprise, the manager called me to know what my schedule was like (ie as long as it was acceptable, i was IN!), but i cant work the 2 weeks between thanksgiving and dec 9 (last 2 wks of school), and she emailed me and told me she would be needing help earlier than that and that she'd keep my resume on file!!!!!! BOOOOOOO, i was so sad! :crybaby:

    looks like its back to williams-sonoma this christmas...a discount i feel no love for....lol

    anyhooo...anyone else on an unintentional ban??

    PS do you think the black MC rift is too out there for a guy?? i like it a lot as a little kick of color...?
  2. Aww sorry to hear that! I would be bummed too:sad:
  3. Black MC period is fine for guys. White MC not so much.
  4. It's okay. LV seasonal workers don't get discounts.
  5. Agreed. :yes:

    Awww... you're lucky LV called you back!!! I applied too, but I don't think they called me back because I live an hour away and I put down whacky hours...

    ...and too bad seasonal LV employees don't get a discount... :crybaby:
  6. Awww. See if you can work when Christmas is over. At least you know that they considered you.

    I love Williams-Sonoma on the other hand! Their sauces are soooo yummy!
  7. Sorry you did not get the job :sad: I think the MC black Rift would be a great choice for you...good luck!:yes:
  8. Ohhh, what a bummer. I would be so thrilled with a W-S discount (although LV is preferable). If I worked at W-S I'd be using my discount on some gorgeous Mauviel or Ruffoni copper pots, perhaps some Le Crueset covered pots, maybe a new Kitchenaid handheld mixer...a Bialetti...the list goes on and on! I'm in the midst of a kitchen renovation so this stuff is exciting to me but I can see why a W-S employee discount wouldn't excite you...lol! What a bummer that the LV job didn't work due to scheduling!
  9. I am sorry to hear that.
  10. Sorry to hear :sad:
    Maybe you'll get another call.

  11. That´s such a bummer :sad:

  12. oooo... how much is staff discount? Maybe, I should change jobs!!!!!
  13. aww you guys are so sweet!

    i didnt know about the no discounts for seasonal employees---good to know i guess, glad i didnt get my hopes up ;).

    and yes, the W-S discount is pretty awesome (40%) for nice cookware and whatnot...i personally love all their dishsoap and hand soap. They have a seasonal scent that smells EXACTLY like christmas trees...its sorta amazing.
  14. it's a bummer..hmmmm no discount for seasonal staff..
    I love WS..40 % discount ?? wow..that's awesome.
    I think black MC rift is fine for you but no much white one..
  15. You go on your unintentional ban, Black for boyz... I'm on an unintentional ban too.... blows, huh???/haha, but, you can still buy something on your unintentional ban, then get back on it, quick! That's what i did...lol...