Uninformed SA's...

  1. Ok guys, I'm sorry to rant, but both of the SA's I deal with totally still know NOTHING of the Miroir Lockit and I am DYING to get on a list for that bag. I was wondering if ANYONE who already is on the list can PM me the number and store name of their SA who is informed and waitlisted for me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a BILLION guys, I'm totally forgoing a BH because I want this baby so bad...

  2. lol that reminded me, i asked the SA at the LV in Fashion Show Mall about it and she said, where are people hearing about this?? this is the second time i have been asked and i know nothing about it...then she said and i am the leather manager and I would know...i just kind of laughed and didnt answer her:sweatdrop:
  3. Dude, you live in Vegas too? We should totally have a meet! lol, I usually go to Caesars and deal with Becky and my other SA is in San Antonio!
  4. Don't feel bad. Some stores have only just started to confirm it.
  5. i dont live there, i wish i did! to have so many stores so close, i would be so happy!
  6. My SA thought I was smokin' crack! When I asked her about it she said "no, I haven't heard anything about that" like I was crazy! She asked how I heard about it, and I just told her that a friend of mine got confirmation from her SA. The same day, the manager was asking one of the other SA's about the Epi Montaigne GM. He was aking her..."is this GM or PM?" I of course knew right away!:smartass: Thanks to TPF! I've been schooled! lol!
  7. SCP has confirmed it because I overheard this couple asking them about it...
  8. Well, I know it's confirmed which i am ridiculously happy about, but I totally need a number to an SA who can put me on a list for it! Thanks for all of your help guys!
  9. Where are you from?
  10. you can ask your SA to create a new list for you
    that's what I did last month @ beverly center, CA
  11. You all need to become SA's - you have the love of the product & certainly the knowledge!
  12. ^^ THAT IS so TRUE and then we can offer TPF members a discount based on the amount of custom they have given to LV:p
  13. I'd love to work for LV! In fact I'm going to work a little harder at getting a position at the end of the year :lol:
  14. What SA did you talk to? i just spoke to one over there and they said they dont have a waitlist for it at all and are still completely denying it. But she said she would call me if it does come out. ?????
  15. Im so sorry! i actually called the century city location! :push: