Unindentified CHANEL Bag Please Help

  1. Hi, hope you can help,please. I have this Chanel bag in grey leather, shaped like a sunglasses case. Does anyone know anything about it? I was told it is a millenium special edition. Thanks, Hickeybird x[​IMG]
  2. The only thing I know about the bag is that it was a special edition 2005 collection bag (but might have been made earlier, and labeled 2005- kinda futuristic).
  3. Believe the SA's called this the "butt" bag and it actually came out for the Millenium (spelling), so the year produced would be 1999-2000. Some versions of the bag have a detachable silver link shoulder strap. The inside of the bag looks like a corset complete with strings. There is the outside edges of the bag and the inside has a compartment fore and aft of the corset and then again inside the corset. I yearned hard and long for this bag, but always hesitated due to the inside space limitation.

  4. This made me giggle- the bag op posted looks very pretty.
  5. I've seen these come up every once in a while on eBay.
  6. Yeah, I have seen that one on bluefly for awhile now.