Uniform clothing look???

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  1. I did some shopping for fall this past week and decided to do a uniform look, :nuts: what I mean is keep it classic and simple. I bought about 8 white T-shirts and shirts, 4 misc. tan to stone colored pants and 2 black drawstring pants in a knit with a flared bottom. I only want to buy white tops and use my purses, scarves, shoes and blazers to make the look work. I still want more white tops and black pants.
    I like the look of my closet being so organized and simple. I just got rid of a huge garbage bag full of clothing that were in colors and prints, things I just don't wear anymore. I did buy some cute tie front shrugs and cami's in different colors last year that I can still wear but I feel this need to simpilify and pare down. Has anyone else thought this way? :yahoo: I have bought so many things that I don't wear that these past 3 years I have been pretty selective with what I want. My one friend who is French said I accquired the French way of dressing ,classic with accessories to add color. I don't know, but she looks great all the time and has very little color in her wardrobe. I hate winter clothes, I hate winter so shopping is a drag. I also have to laugh because I live in my Jack Rogers sandles that I was trying on all these shoes, boots with heels and felt like I couldn't walk.
    Just wanted to share.
    Any comments on how you are putting together your fall wardrobe?
  2. omgd, i just posted a very similar thing.


    is it due to age? i can't figure it out. i don't think i will overhaul the whole wardrobe, but i would like to.

    but i have to add that i love and adore and prefer fall/winter clothing and the whole look and weather and everything. love it love it love it.
  3. I agree with your post. Very interesting. I don't know if it's due to age???? I think the older we get we realize the mistakes we made in the past, or looks that just don't work now. When I lived in Florida color was big. I think for myself I don't want to spend a ton of time trying to decide what to wear. I also want to do a more polished look then jeans but I do have some nice dressy tan jeans with ribbon belts that I think are fun to wear. I gave away most of my jeans except my Seven jeans which I know I will wear in the winter. I am kind of growning out of the jean stage now--I rather not wear them but take it up a notch to something a bit more polished and dressy--just for running around. To me the white shirts and pants look good no matter where I go. I do think it would be easier to work with one designer and carry the look thru your wardrobe but who has the money to do that? I figure if I loose weight (like I hope to) by spring I can start all over. But I am in to less is more and will go for simple and classic. I saw two women today shopping that made me laugh-they were over 40 and had on leggings with lace, babydoll type dresses with t-shirts under them. The look was like something the middle school kids wear here. I mean this is a look I was going to do for school for my 7 year old. SO I think some trends are age related.
    Now if I could only get the perfect haircut and find some decent shoes I will be ready for fall.
  4. gillianna, you are my kind of girl - hair and shoes have a major impact and are a great way to personalize any look. i love clothes, but part of me feels like, geez, it would be so easy to just let someone else worry about that, by picking a designer/brand i really clicked with, identity-wise and just trust them to fill my closet. i was just talking about it with a friend - which is more important, expressing yourself through your clothes, or just looking your best, because they aren't necessarily the same thing. it's hard to see yourself objectively (like those 40+ year old women you saw, they see something great when they look in the mirror). so i haven't decided what to do about it yet, but your thoughts on a uniform style are very timely for me indeed.
    and i can totally relate to your comment about not wanting to spend a lot of time deciding what to wear - that used to be so so fun. but my interest in looking my best is as strong as ever. what to do, what to do.
  5. HiHeels,
    We do think alike. I just have to say there is more to life than these 3-4 hour shopping trips with friends (in one or two stores) where I sit as they try on maybe 50+ outfits in things that I know they will never buy. I mean here I sit with my 3 white shirts and 2 tan pants and think don't you get tired of trying clothes on. Then they usually complain about some of the horrible clothes they bought (a few months later)or give me the clothes to give to a friend who takes them to a lady at her church. I see such wasted money. I was going through my books last week and came across French Chic and Italian Chic and it was interesting to see how they felt your accessories played a important part in dressing and quality versus quanity. I am not a mall person. I don't get the " I have to find what is IN right now" and wear it. I mean if you think about designers, they are the ones telling you WHAT IS IN FASHION..........THEY MAKE THE CLOTHES and make tons of money $$$$ off people buying their clothing. Why are we caught in this mindset that they are right and our tastes if different from what are in the magazines are wrong-then you are NOT in fashion.:hysteric: It makes me laugh to see some of the things in these magazines and stores-Gauchos UGH>>>>:nuts: I wore them in college. I don't want to relive the 80's.:yucky: I rather go classic and buy simple lines and look like I can wear them for more than one season. I rather buy a nice bag and carry it for years then have a ton of things sitting in my closet. I also think good underwear is a foundation to having your clothing look great. I usually catch great sales so I am pretty happy with the vision I have for my future wardrobe.
    Have a great night.:yes:
  6. I have been thinking the exact same way recently. I am going for a more sophisticated yet casual look and letting my accessories dress up the outfit when I want. I just got alot of new clothes, and so I am in the process of cleaning out my closet. I am not into what everyone else is wearing at the current time, now it's all about straight leg jeans(hate those) and the skirts with leggings, etc. When everyone else starts wearing something, it just becomes less attractive to me. I also am not into wearing clothes with labels all over them, like a hoodie with Hollister written all over it. I would understand a plain color, you know? One place that describes what I am into right now is New York and Company, where I got some of my wardrobe from recently. Sorry, I am totally babbling. hehe.
  7. Me! Me! Me too!! I agree with EVERYTHING you ladies have written.
    I am only 25 but I hate every trend out right now and am OVER having a closet full of clothes that go with nothing else.
    I have gotten rid of SO much stuff recently and try to only buy simple, chic, good quality clothing.

    My inspiration comes from something I read about Coco Chanel ( I don't know if it is true or not) - when she died her belongings were organised and she had only 3 outfits in her wardrobe!
    In my mind they must have been some KILLER outfits!
  8. coco was fabulous.
    a few people have told me that i shop like a guy (i don't like the gender stereotyping, but the distinction of my approach is true) - go in, get what you want, get out of the store. i don't hemm and haw in front of a mirror. i know what i like right away. a big issue is filtering out all the press/mags telling us what we should want and how we should look. one interesting test that proves to me that fashion is nowhere near as fickle as editors want us to believe is taking a look at carolyn bessete kennedy (sp?). whether or not you like her style, it does seem to me that the pictures of her style and clothing don't appear at all to be dated. she let off the trends and kept is classic and i guess such a thing does exist, within a certain time frame (something classic from the 1800s is no longer classic, lol). so i am interested in clothes that look good on me, rather then clothes that look painfully "now".
  9. meeee!! it's just so much easier to go straight to what you know looks good on you. for me it's black tops and good jeans. if it's not black, i don't even pick it up off the rack anymore. more money for accessories. :yes:

    still need to clean out my closet though. i've never been one for trends, but i have lots of slobby comfy lounge clothes that i shouldn't wear anymore (i like being comfy over being stylish :shame:smile:.

    good for you!