Unidentified Chanel

  1. Hi everyone! I just got this :heart: Chanel bag at a NM in SF. I think that its from the Outdoor Ligne but Im not sure the whole name of it. The outside of the box says Sac Class Rabat. Also, Im not sure what type of leather it is. The SA at a Chanel boutique told me theyre made from calfskin but the SA at NM says theyre caviar leather. :confused1: If anyone can tell me the real deal, its you ladies/experts here!:yes:
  2. I can't really tell from the pictures, but most likely it's calf-skin. Caviar leather is very stiff and has a grainy texture. I have a similar bag with the two pockets on the sides and mine is calf-skin. It's more fragile than Caviar, but less fragile than lamb-skin.
  3. i agree...i think i have seen that bag or a similar bag in person, and it felt like calfskin, so i'm assuming that's the one you got. congrats on a great bag!
  4. it's not Outdoor Ligne. . . closer to the Rock and Chic but that's lamb.
    This looks like calfskin to me.