Unicorns do exist!

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  1. I never got around to buying this bag when it came out because it was sold out everywhere. But I ended up running into it while buying a few other pieces on my vacation. Here goes the reveal!

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  2. Reveal reveal!!!
  3. Can't wait to see!
  4. Here. I want to see!
  5. open open open :giggles:
  6. Its a classic!

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  7. Here! Let's see
  8. Ah ! The suspense
  9. A little strip tease...

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  10. ...and FINALLY! MY UNICORN!

    My never-been-unboxed 227 grey caviar leather reissue with ruthenium hdw. :cloud9:

    Perfect untouched condition!

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  11. Wow...Beautiful!! Congrats
  12. Wow! Congrats! What a fab find-love grey, love the reissue-perfect combo!
  13. Purdddddddyyy!!!! Congrats!!!
    Curious....is there a yummy leather smell???
  14. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  15. Yes there is a very present leather smell when I put my nose close to it.

    But the odor is much less than when I first bought my caviar jumbo.

    I think its because the bag has been resting in the box for a pretty lengthy time surrounded by lots of tissue paper so they might have absorbed a lot of the original leather smell.