Unicorns - A Reveal

  1. Absolutely divine! Love love love Kelly! This color is gorgeous, especially with ghw! What a beauty!
  2. Congrats!!! You have got 2 real beauties there!!!
  3. Stunning K! Congrats on the bag and I am sure it was worth the trip!!
  4. Gorgeous.l...congrats.
  5. Gorgeous bag, the color is so pretty
  6. The colour of this stunning stunning bag reminds me of Tahitian pearl...beyond gorgeous! Congratulations :drinkup:
  7. Unbelivable gorgeousness! I keep coming back to look at your Kelly, what a stunner...:love:
  8. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm super late for the party. Luvbirkin, you have the exotic collection that i want... neutrals lol! Love your bags! Enjoy your new addition!

  9. What a stunning duo! Congrats on your gorgeous finds!
  10. OMG!! Bang my head on the wall....bang bang bang !!! Beautiful bag :smile:
  11. Love the gorgeous colour...congrats ;)
  12. Thank you all again for letting me share this beauty!

    Aminamina, I :heart: Tahitian pearl too! :smile:
  13. OMG, what a haul! :tup: Both bags are such great finds but the kelly really captured my :heart::loveeyes: The colour is just amazing! And if it really is the shade of tahitian pearls then H REALLY has to bring this colour back!!!! It's just stunning with GHW!!!
  14. hi luvbirkin! i came back to drool over your kelly... although this is peanuts in comparison to your baby, i think we have the same color exotic! just purchased this Gris Fonce croc poro CDC belt the other day... i have a super hard time photographing the true color... it is a dark grey with brown undertones... what do you think? is it the same color?
    (photo next to Graphite clemence B and matte Graphite gator PHW CDC)
  15. What a stunning collection of grey exotics you have carlinha! :loveeyes::hugs:

    To my eyes my bag has less brown than your Gris Fonce belt - mine is like a mix of dove grey with a bit of brown and green. For sure my bag has been aged (evenly n gracefully, thank god!). Since the seller don't have the answer as to name of color, I guess it is either Gris Claire aged, or Gris Moyen.

    I owed a graphite Epsom B and also played with a graphite gator 35B in Japan. Graphite croc, with PHW or GHW, is to die for. But somehow I also long for a grey which is less intense.

    You are very lucky to get this gorgeous belt. My friend's SA in London had placed an order of a Gris Fonce croc B earlier this summer, but few weeks later SA called her saying the color is not available anymore....