Unicorns - A Reveal

  1. As a dear TPFer says, this is a Kelly with an adventure.

    When I first saw the photo my heart says "go get it" :p Unfortunately after winning the bid and I thought it'll reach me pretty quickly, the bag was intercepted at post office since I forgot CITES is necessary for shipping - and neither seller has CITES.

    Luckily the bag was retrieved back by the agent - I've to set foot on a small town which I've never been before to pick it up.
  2. :woohoo:
  3. woo hoo..........like the exciting beginning already.........
  4. I've to change several trains and finally reached my destination.

  5. I've gone over the maps and train schedules a lot of times, and carry enough cash for taxi just in case I couldn't find my way back to main district. As time is of essence - I can only flew in and flew out the city on the same day - or to be exact, 12 hours.
  6. ooh ......getting more and more exciting.........
  7. Wow, it's Japan, isn't it?
    Sounds promising!!
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    I'm glad I met a very friendly young girl staff who helped me swiftly. With the right carry-on, the orange box fits in perfectly. I celebrated my little success by having a nice bowl of ramen at the famous shop Ichiran:
    IMG_0004.JPG IMG_0005.JPG
  9. let the amazing race begin!!!
  10. Wow how exciting! Can't wait to find out more...
  11. now running time..........non-stop.........
  12. Without further ado, I present a rare find to you - hope I understand this colour right. Please chime in if you know more about this amazing shade!

    28cm sellier Kelly, in shiny Gris Claire, GHW. Stamped R in a circle.
    IMG_0027.JPG IMG_0029.jpg
  13. Wow Wow Wow. Just stunning! So gorgeous! Enjoy!!
  14. In real life the shade is not light as on the seller's photo - rather there is a small brownish undertone. But me like it even more.

    I tried my best to capture the real colour under the unstable weather in my town this morning.
  15. I miss ichiran!!
    Nice Kelly also :smile: