Unicorn Reveal: Only the BEST accessory ever!!!

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  1. Chanel Lovelies,

    I was indecisive on whether I would attend what would be my first formal event in all my years of living. I didn't have a dress, not a lot of jewelry, and had no idea the fashion parameters for this black-tie event. While I contemplated, I thought, "I don't have an evening bag either", which spawned this thread.

    So off went my search for the perfect evening bag, and most stores never had them, or had sold out--in some cases, *right* before I arrived! I didn't realize how much of a unicorn Chanel was. I sent photos to the SAs and begged them to let me know if they got an item in. With my horrendous work schedule, sometimes I would miss their phone calls.

    In the meanwhile, I decided to attend the event, but I still didn't have the items to put my "look" together. I even searched tPF for help in deciding on shoes.

    On the day of my event, in the middle of doing my hair and steaming my dress, my SA calls to tell me a purse on my wish list is available for purchase! Talk about scampering. I had to rush to the store, in traffic, buy the purse, then rush home to get ready for the event. I truly felt like the Working Girl Cinderella!

    So here's a different sort of reveal. Only because it worked out soooo well! I loved it, and it blended in nicely with everything.

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  2. JazzyMac, I replied to you in the WOC thread with the code that you requested but I must have been a bit late :sad: But you look absolutely stunning for your Black Tie. Couldn't have chosen better :smile:

  3. Thank you sooo much!!! Was it the A68911? I think that was the lamb skin.
  4. It's almost the same color as your dress! I don't actually know what a unicorn (in Chanel terms) is.., but it's gorgeous! :smile:
  5. Someone had the code for the boy WOC in patent metallic so I sub'ed the colour code for you :smile: But you have it and I think you made a great choice. That would have been a hard one to track down.
  6. You look lovely!
  7. You look fantastic! Beautiful look!!!
  8. You look great. well coordinated. Glad your bag made it :woohoo:
  9. you look lovely!!
  10. Gorgeous!! I love your skirt/dress too :smile:
  11. +1
  12. You look gorgeous! Congratulations, I am so glad it all worked out so well:smile:)
  13. Stunning reveal! Everything is so well put together. Hope you have fun at the event!

  14. Well...up until Saturday, that WOC only existed in photos...so I thought it was pretty mythical. Lol. Turns out, the WOC is real!!!
  15. Congrats! I love stories with happy endings. Hope you had fun at the event :smile: