Unicef Gucci bag!

  1. Just to let you all know that this bag has just been launched on one of the fake sites I watch! yes its the Gucci CHARITY bag been sold 'wholesale' for $150

    They will soon start popping up on eBay- if you see them please report them!
  2. Sorry the picture if you clicked it went straight to the counterfeit website- I will adjust my browser and add it in a bit!
    But its the Gucci unicef indy bag!
  3. Designermummy, Thank you for the heads up :smile:
  4. thanks designermummy!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! they just won't quit! :bagslap:
  5. Wow they are QUICKKK!! thank you for being on their tails, you're good!!
  6. typical........... how do they do it? that is abhorrent....
  7. The unicef fake
  8. The obvious things with the fake are the tassels are to wide and not full enough, and the rosette which hangs down at the left hand side is to long!

    and $150 and how much of that is going to charity???? nasty wholesale sites!
  9. :wtf: I have no words ...
    maybe some of this ... :throwup:
  10. ^LOL. hahaha!!

    and yes, designermummy you are QUICK! good job :tup:
  11. :busted
  12. thanks for the info.