unhelpful SAs

  1. so i rang the only chanel boutique in ireland to ask about the waiting list for S/S 2008. she said she didn't think there was one, had no idea when they were getting the new stock and did not know if they had any reissue bags in stock now or if they were getting any!!

    she was so unhelpful, like do they not want to sell to you! it's wierd
  2. maybe she doesn't really know. call chanel #1800 and check. do you have a regular SA at handbags dept you go to? you could use her instead? i usually go to the same SA that i use, i don't like to switch SAs, some are really notorious for their bad and rude service!
  3. ^Hehe, I'm back on TPF. Such an insomniac!

    Ugh, well just a quick response before I really need to get off the comp once and for all:

    It's really good to go down to the boutique in person to find a SA that you really like and get along with. Develop a relationship with that person so that you can always go to them when you have questions.

    There is only one SA that I ever buy ANYTHING from at the Chanel boutique in Ala Moana. If she's not in, I ask the other SA's questions, but even they know that I'm loyal to her. If you get to know one particular SA, you'll get much better treatment (kinda like gaining a friend hehe). Sometimes if you just call they can be snobby.

    I've had many a bad experience with snobby SA's in the past so don't feel bad about it. I never did understand why some SA's are so snobby, considering they earn their living primarily on commission. You'd think they'd really be kissing your a*s to make a sale.
  4. the problem is, we only have one chanel boutique here. it is located in a department store. she probably didn't know, as they are not very well trained in there. i hardly ever get to go into town (have a baby and no time), so thought it would save a trip

    but i am going to try and get in this weekend and buddy up with her :smile:
  5. ^Good luck! Sometimes some SA's really don't know the answer. Even my SA didn't know wth "blue fonce" was, as the Chanel here never ordered that color so obviously she had no idea what I was talking about.

    A lot of times I find that the experts here on TPF know more than the Chanel SA's!!! It seems we often find out about things even before they do. My SA didn't even know exactly how much the bags would be going up with the Nov. 1st increase, yet everyone here on TPF knew weeks in advance what the new prices would be.
  6. ^ why aren't you asleep yet?? LOL
  7. Maybe this is an epidemic or a symptom of the holidays?