Unhealthy Diets.

  1. ok, I've been scanning this section and I'm seeing tons of super awesome tips, but I'm also appalled at the lengths us women are willing to go to drop a few pounds.

    holy s***.

    Now, this is slightly hypocritical, since I occasionally go on the "eat as little as possible without passing out diet" BUT.

    This past year I lost lots of body fat and some inches. I was and still am a size 4, but everything fits sooo much better now. I did it by eating HEALTHY and eating normal portions, and by exercising 5-7 days a week.

    Ladies. plz, pretty plz, do not go on those dreadful diets where you deprive yourself of any real kinds of food-- just to lose weight fast. = /

    I'm not meaning to come across as judgemental ( forgive me please if I do) I'm just very disheartened and a little discouraged. I assumed this section would help inspire me to keep up with my workout regimine during the summer. but all its making me want to do is go on a diet where I suck on lemons and don't even allow myself water.

  2. I agree with you Dani. That's why keeping in shape is so hard. But that's reality. We all just have this hope that there's a quick fix but the tried and true method is to eat right and exercise. I'll admit I've tried the crash diets, starvation etc etc in the past but over the past six months I've been doing things right. Sure, progress seems slow as heck but at least I feel better. You always have great advice on this subject!
  3. I had gastric bypass surgery in february to get my weight under control. I weighed in at 258 pounds, 5'2, and climbing the scale. Since my surgery I've lost 65 pounds - but I can't help but feel that my diet isn't healthy. I can't help it - I've lost virtually all control of my food intake. And no matter how hard I try I can never get in over 500 calories a day. I try to push fluids - the goal is 60 fluid ounces a day - but it's near impossible. I'm losing weight quickly - it's literally melting off now, to the point where I look in the mirror and don't recognize the person looking back. I feel like I'm becoming anorexic - but not by choice. My body hates food - and can only tolerate lean meat and vegetables (simple carbs: breads, pasta, potatoes make me vomit. Milk now makes me sick, as does cheese, yogurt, sugar...). My stomach is so small now that 1 slice of turkey bacon fills me as a meal, or half a piece of wheat toast. I can literally eat 3 small pieces of watermelon and feel full - and if I push to eat more I will vomit - not by choice, because my stomach can fit no more than 6 ounces in it at a time according to my doctor - but I find I can't even get that much in.

    Sorry for the rant. This just peeked my interest. I had this surgery to lose weight and to be healthy - but now I'm finding my eating habits are more unhealthy now than ever :/
  4. it kind of astounds me the number of people that are holding out hope for a quick fix - a pill, a powder, a drink. if there was one, we'd all be skinny! i guess no one really wants to believe that they have to put in the work to get the results. either that, or instead of monitoring the food that they take in and learning about nutrition, they just don't take in any food. or water. either way, attitudes like that are a barrier to weight loss and the reason that i've stayed fat so long. no more! i've lost 16 pounds healthily :biggrin:
  5. Yeh, I've discovered there is no magical solution. I've also realized that this isn't a "diet" but is going to have to be how I eat for the rest of my life. I never paid attention to eating healthy before. I am trying the "hoodia" appetite suppressants but I realize that willpower is really what I need.
  6. yeah, I was really shocked the other day when one of my friends was paging through People magazine and got all excited about ordering a "miracle" wieght loss powder. "Wow!" she said, "How fabulous that they've finally come up with a cure for fat." I just couldn't believe she could be that gullible. If there were a simple pill to lose weight, wouldn't it be in the news? Wouldn't we all know about it? And why would people like poor livinluxuriously go through all the pain and suffering of gastric by-pass if you could just take a powder supplement. Crazy!!

    I know that diet pills actually can provide some "help" (although usually sort of short term and unhealthy) but w/o diet and exercise, they are not going to provide some "magic" solution.
  7. Wow Amanda, Congrats on losing 16 pounds!! That is alot of weight to lose doing it in a healthy way. Keep it up!! :biggrin::flowers:
  8. I've posted several times that I lost 50 pounds by eating whatever I wanted in moderation and doing a lot of exercise, no eating 3 hours before bed and guzzling water. I never went to bed hungry and I'm good in the exercise department but I gained weight recently due to my portion sizes...............no lemon sucking here!! Since I have now started eating less but still a normal amount I'm already almost 3 pounds down this week and a half. I also weigh myself everyday since I regained some weight when I stopped using the scale.
  9. Hi Dani!

    I was wondering how you were able to lose body fat? I am a size 6, used to be size 4 and would like to get back to that, or even drop to a size 2. :yes: I don't look fat, but my body fat percentage is close to 25%!! :shocked: :blink:

    I don't always eat healthy, which is probably my drawback, and I've put on about 10-15 pounds over the past 3 years, that I am desperately trying to lose. I have a hard time motivating myself to get to the gym, and when I do actually get my butt up to exercise, I have a hard time motivating myself to stay on the workout equipment for 30 mins. :lol:

    Any tips on how to shed the body fat and gain more muscle?? :biggrin:
  10. Everyone has different goals, and one can easily ignore advice that may be unwise or unuseful. I don't think this forum should turn into a really judgmental atmosphere where people are afraid to ask about diets or other methods of weight loss.

    Personally, I think it's awesome there are some really amazing, health-conscious girls out there. I myself am in tip-top health but I'm always trying to find a way to lose a pesky 5 pounds and I don't really see the harm in providing tips for quick weight loss. It is difficult when you're already fairly thin to lose weight, so I do resort to some gimmicks: some have worked, some haven't... and aren't we here to share experiences? Exercise and a balanced diet are indisputably the way to go in the long-run, but every now and again we all have a big event we'd like to lose a few pounds for. As long as you're not habitually yo-yoing, I see it all as fairly harmless.

    I don't see anyone here advocating the use of ephedrine or other harmful substances. Then again, I also don't see a plethora of people who are willing to do almost anything to lose weight... maybe I'm missing those posts!
  11. aww, thanks :love:. it's not always pleasant, but it's so worth it!
  12. Dani, I totally agree w/ you. I changed my eating habits a couple of years ago and it was the best thing ever. The main thing was to eat regularly every 2 - 3 hours... and that just made my metabolism faster. Just doing that alone changed my body to better than ever.

    Cutiepie21... to shed body fat and to gain more muscles means eating less fat/sugar. Weight training.. high reps/3 sets will make your muscles more defined too.
  13. As someone who has been fighting a losing battle against an eating disorder, I so agree with you. I have avoided this forum since my big confession but now I am ready to start working on this part of my life (now that my big move to NY is settled).

    My sweetie pie husband set up a great area in the basement for me to work out in; complete with a new television and new dvd player. In the past I had worked out but also took diet drugs. No more! I am just going to cut out some unhealthy carbs, give up the wine, and excercise.

    Fad diets or starving myself only led to me putting the weight on 2x as worse as before. My stomach righ now looks horrible; seriously like I am pregnant, and I know it is because of yo-yo dieting.

    Thank you for starting this thread. It is important for people to realize that unhealthy diets are just going to make you sick; or worse.
  14. I agree Dani! Losing weight is one thing. Depriving the body of nutrients is another.
  15. its just life alot of people really cannot handle the truth, I am religous but not deeply, (i really dotn mean to offend anyone honestly its jst my pov) and i feel religon was equally created as a way with dealign with death and life in general, we want to believe we are not in control of our lives and someone else more powerful is, but this is the unknown so its differnt and more accepted, similarly peopl want to believe that "fat" is a disease and are presonally vicitmised to it and they deserve a "quick fix" they want to believe that someone can wave a wand and make it better.