Unhappy with hair color - go back to salon?

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  1. Hi,
    I got my hair highlighted today and it came out a lot lighter than I expected. I brought a picture of Lauren Conrad's hair and said I wanted it close to that color. Now, she did get it pretty close (alittle too light though) but I really, really don't like it. It completely washes me out (I'm very pale). I would really like for it to be redone but since she did actually get it close to what I wanted do I even have the right to come and ask for it to be darker? What do you think?
  2. give it some time, the color will tone down. i get my hair highlighted frequently and sometimes don't like my hair when i leave the salon (looks lighter), but it tones down a bit after a few days.
  3. I agree with devoted^^. But, in about a week, if you just simply don't like it, call the salon and get it corrected. Ive done this before too, I tell my stylist that the color itself is fantastic, but I feel its just too light/dark/whatever, and that I tried to get used to it but I just cant. They are understanding, just be honest and kind, and they should work with you to make you happy
  4. I would wait a few days as well. I think it will tone down, and you will also get used to it a little more (it might just be a bit of a shock right now).
    However, if you still don't like it, call the salon and ask to speak with whoever did your hair. I'm sure she would be more than willing to correct it and keep you as a customer.
  5. I would go back now and ask them to put a toner on it.
  6. yes, whether you go now or in 3-4 days go back and have them fix it gratis.
    Call ahead and speak w/ a manager and decide if you want the same stylist to do it or a different one.
  7. I would call right away and speak with the manager, and let him/her know the situation and that you will call/come in in about a week if you still aren't happy. In the meantime, they might have some suggestions as to how you can tone down the color at home.

  8. If you are not happy, would go back to the salon,, they can use

    a gloss that will perhaps help..
  9. I have had this happen MANY times!What u need to do is go back NOW and have them put a gloss and toner on it..have them darken it a tad to your liking.It only takes like 15 mins and if u arent happy NOW...u WONT be happy a week from now.GL!
  10. thanks for your opinions! i think i'll give them a call tomorrow and see what they say and if i can come in to darken it up. i always get like 'shocked' in the beginning but im still looking at it and thinking i dont like it. im pretty sure i want a different stylist though just because i would probly feel awkward about the situation. > thanks again!
  11. definitely call them and let them know. they'll probably only have to use a toner on it which doesn't take any time at all. and most places want to please their customers.
  12. Don't feel awkward about the situation. It happens more often than you think. Your stylist shouldn't take offense at this at all. He/she wants a happy (repeat) customer, so it's all part of the service. Plus, once you have a good relationship with your colorist, they will be able to better understand your coloring needs/wants and this means better coloring jobs in the future. I've gone back to various colorists to "tone down" my highlights and I've NEVER gotten charged for color correction. I've notice that many trendy hair salons have weird (darker) lighting so you don't realize how light your hair is until you've left.
  13. Go back now and don't be embarrassed. I went to the salon before and asked them to lighten my hair. I showed the colorist an old pic of mine with the exact hair color that I want. I told him that I had my hair cellophaned a few months before to dark brown so he said ok, he knows what he is doing blah blah blah. After he shampooed my hair and everything, my hair color didn't turn light at all. It was still dark brown and I was frustrated bec I kept asking him and he said he knows what he is doing. Then the other guy in the salon explained to me that since I had my hair cellophaned before my hair won't turn the same color as what the colorist picked for me. He said they were just going to color again bec they still have to strip my old hair color. I got mad bec I told them that they should have told me that in the first place so I wouldn't have my hair colored anymore and just let it grow out. They told me they would fix it but I know that too much hair coloring will damage my hair. Argh. I was so mad. I only paid half and told them I will pay the other half when they fix my hair but I never went back bec I noticed my hair got really dry and damaged so I don't want to damage it any further.

    Anyway sorry for the long post. I just had to vent out. Just go back and ask them nicely if they can fix it for you. Because I know that the color becomes lighter when it washes out (I thought it was the opposite before). So get it fixed immediately.
  14. Call them right away. They will just put toner in and toner is free of charge at my salon so I'm guessing it's like that at all salons.

    Sometimes you can walk out happy and the color changes or you just need a little something here or there. It's totally fine.
  15. Yes, this. Good to set expectations with the salon mgr right away.

    And ITA that highlights can tone down/oxidize after a few days so if you still aren't happy then go back to the salon. They should do everything possible to make sure you're satisfied...might add a toner or a few more lowlights in to tone it down.