Unhappy with Eluxury *long*

  1. After my last bad experience with Elux (bought a pomme agenda that came broken, when I returned it they were out of stock and wouldn't put me on a backorder just told me I had to find it elsewhere) I decided to try again. They use Fedex and I had it shipped ground, no rush well of course same as everyone else here experienced issues with Fedex ground they didn't even knock or leave a tag, just marked that I wasn't home! I arranged to be home all day! I called and explained they didn't knock I have a Great Dane that would have for sure let me know! They said they would redeliver today by 4, still nothing so I called back and no they can't redeliver. I requested the package be held so I can pick it up as I cannot sit in my house another whole day tomorrow, they said "they will try"! Nice so what do I do now? I am this is fed ex not elux, but elux offers no other option but fed ex and that makes up my mind for me :cursing:
  2. Call Fedex back and talk to somebody else- sometimes you just gotta call a couple of times~

    Congrats on the agenda though! :love:
  3. I don't know if you ever read my thread about having to wait seriously for 4 days for a package due to misinformation from ELUX x2.

    I am sorry for you as I have been there 2x myself a month ago.

    At least you can pick it up~ where I am ...no pick up around...

    Good luck and I sympathize (sp?)...:sweatdrop:
  4. no reason why they can't hold your package. I just called my local fedex and they are holding my package so I can pick it up after work as on one is home during the day to sign.
  5. I always get 2day fedex with eluxury. I've never had a problem with the 2day guys. Next time try the 2day. Here in my suburb outside New Orleans, the ground and 2day delivery guys are different. I don't usually care for the ground service myself. I hope you get your package by tomorrow.
  6. Missing delivery times is a Fedex issue...not an eluxury issue.
  7. Call Fedex and ask to be connected to the station where the truck docks. That's what I did with my Vaslav. They delivered without leaving a note. I found out that they had already come and gone when I called the 1800 number. Called them at least 5 times and told them to contact the station so they in turn can contact the driver. I specifically asked for a name from that station and kept in touch with her. She claims that the driver was not answering so there was no way to know if he got the message. In this day and age of cellfones they can't give me that excuse! Fedex guy redelivered it that day. I know it can be frustrating but sometimes you just have to be persistent. Goodluck!!!!
  8. After 1 problem with fedex waiting for my elux order I said never again and stuck to it! For me the trip to the store is worth it.
  9. So sorry for your frustration. I hate it when I'm waiting for a package and then you discover they never knocked. Hope everything works out for you very quickly!
  10. I think there's a lot of problems here with Fedex, too. Even USPS! I don't know HOW many times I've been home and the mail person just leaves the "sorry we missed you" slip on the front door without even ringing the doorbell or in my mailbox (which is up at the corner, meaning they didn't even TRY to go to the door).

    Good luck, I hope you get your package soon.
  11. I order at least 60% of my LV from Elux and have never had a problem with fedex. i would call and ask to speak to a supervisor
  12. Sorry to hear that and I can totally understand the frustration. My local postman always putting parcel in my front door with a card marked "left in corridor" :cursing: , I guess it's depending on the people, if they are lazy they will assume no one is home~

  13. I don't remember how long ago it started... but here in so cal... USPS is handling Fed-ex ground... so now they suck..

    I am sorry to hear about your package... just keep harassing them
  14. No wonder :push:
  15. Yea sorry to hear that, a had some issues with them a few weeks ago you just got to keep calling. Keep bothering them so they get tired of you. Shipping has been up and down lately.