Unhappy sm Toilet case???? *Pictures*

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  1. Haha- has anybody noticed this??

    Toilet case turned upside down = semi- scary- kinda- mean- looking- face?

    Did I just turn my case into a "Wilson" (Cast Away movie)


  2. haaaaaaa! that really made me laugh out loud. quite possibly the creepiest but funniest thing i've seen all day!
  3. OMG- I was sooo taking pictures of the leather, got frustrated- dumped my stuff out and put my hand in the bag so I could hold it better with the right lighting... and

    whoa nelly- what the hell- a mean face as if to tell me (why do you have your hand where hands do not belong?)

  4. Hilarious!!
  5. you're right! What a mean, scary face! Nice imagination!
  6. Haha! thanks!
  7. How funny! I have one of these and never noticed it.
  8. Very Funny!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Awesome observation! :roflmfao:
  10. that's hilarious!
  11. LMAO!!!:roflmfao:

    I checked mine but yours look more scary because of the contrast with the white leather and hardware.
  12. ^--- LOL!!!!!!!! Mine DOES look scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    seriously- I was like-- :huh: and then :lol:
  13. mabli - what color is yours? Post a pic--- we should start a Scary Toilette Club.

    hahaha!!!! and yeah- didn't I totally spell toilette like a toilet? hahaha!!!

    This must have been coming b/c I said a while back how carefree I'd be if I had something in white- it'd be easy for me to send it off to be dyed!
  14. You're so funny alaska! :roflmfao:
  15. Ally- lol- thanks~