Ungrateful Part 2!

  1. I started this thread a while ago about my bf's ungrateful brother who was staying with us.


    Keyword: WAS. Which should be good news, but it took a lot to get to that. My bf gave him the boot around a week ago because one of my bags went missing (a white multicolore LV speedy to be exact :cry: ). His brother was the only one who had acccess to the place, plus since hes been staying with us a lot of things have just "disappeared". Mostly bluray disks and video games, but I guess since he was getting away with that he thought he could get away with something larger. Needless to say I am very angry, my bf invites him into our home so he won't be homeless, pays for his ticket here, and basically supports him while he deadbeats around with no job, and this is how he repays that kindness :tdown:

    My question is, should I call the police? Odds are that since there is no solid evidence there will not be much that can be done, but they do have access to pawn shops etc who may know something about the bag. The last time I had something stolen it was found and returned by the police because it ended up at a pawn shop. The longer I wait the farther and farther away that bag gets. My bf is still talking to his family about what to do, but the are saying that something like this could ruin his brother's life, and how can he do that to his own brother. But what about how I feel? That was a $2000 bag, and I'm supposed to just do nothing about it being gone? Our insurance may cover it, but they more than likely require a police report as well.

    My bf has this theory that his brother gave it to his new gf, and it really makes me sick thinking that some trash is using my bag. So I was thinking of sending her a message just to let her know the item was stolen. If she doesn't have it at least she'll know what kind of person she is with, and if she does have it maybe she'll return it or at least feel like crap about carrying a stolen bag.

    Sorry for venting, I am just so angry at myself for not seeing this sooner. I guess at least it wasn't one of the birkins, but its the principle. How can people be this way :cursing:
  2. Berlyn, don't be sorry for venting - it's good to get things out once in awhile! Plus, its a good update at least he's gone now! THANK GOD he didn't steal a Birkin! I would've been so mad and for sure press charges if I had a Birkin missing!:wtf::wtf: Can you file a police report and have the police check through the pawn shops, yet not tell them it was your boyfriend's brother? I can understand how your boyfriend and his family may be reluctant to report this incident, it would be even harder for him to find a job in the future. Good luck with the situation! Let us know if you ever get your Louis back! :tup:
  3. get your BF to tell his brother that he knows things have been missing and he is the only possible person to do it. Tell him to rectify and return/replace everything as it once was or in a week you will go to the police. Hopefully that will kick his butt, and if not at least neither of you can feel bad for taking the issue to the law. meanwhile search for the speedy at possible pawn shops. What a C U Next Tuesday!
  4. ^^ That seems a good place to start. Gives him a chance to be a decent person (or at least avoid the police). Then, if he doesnt get it back, you could always report it stolen without saying you know who did it? I mean, it seems your BF feels really strongly about not getting him in trouble. Mine would probably do the same thing, but I personally would go to the police either way. $2000 is a lot of money!
  5. I would file a police report and let him deal with it. If his family (including his brother) has been letting him slide in stealing things in the past then this is like giving him permission to steal from you again. $2,000 for a purse that he might have given to a hooker on the street???? I mean who knows where it ended up. So let him face up to his mistakes. I really would have no pity for him. You welcomed him into your house. You supported him. What I think is that there may be alot more things missing then you know. You said you were going to lock your bedroom door with all you things, so how did he have access to it? He sounds like a low life who just doesn't care about his brother or you. If your report him are you afraid it will ruin your relationship with your boyfriend? Is your boyfriend sticking up to protecting his brother which then shows no respect to you.
    I say file the police report, there still might be a chance you will find the bag with the police involved.
  6. Has your boyfriend's brother been confronted on this issue yet? If so, is he denying?
  7. Hi B, I am so sorry this happened to you but I am glad that the brother is finally out. In the grand scheme of things, it's fortunate he did not know what your birkin was.
  8. What a mess, I'm so sorry. I echo some of the others. Have your BF give him 24 hours to return the missing purse or the police will be called. I would not let him slide on this. Do not let him mistake kindness for weakness.
  9. I was gonna ask the same thing as fiatflux, has your bf's bro been confronted about this? If he's been confronted and is not showing any good will to return the bag to you, then proceed with the police. The bro needs a hard lesson once and for all.
  10. Thanks everyone, it felt really good to let this out, as most of my friends are already on holiday and I feel so alone in this.

    He has been confronted, to which he basically said no comment and that he would not talk about this. This seemed guilty to us, and he left like a guilty person too. He really has no where to go except to stay with his friends since hes had no money (except from things hes stolen for us most likely), and no job since the beginning of the year. We got a call from a number he used to call us from yesterday but our machine was full so we're not sure if its him. But apparently he has myspace because he logged on and made a moron comment about how he loves drugs. He probably did this to anger my bf, because he knows how much my bf doesn't want him to do drugs, especially when he is trying to get into the military. I guess my bf felt that when they were both in the coast guard at least he could try to help him, but now he is totally detached and reallly beyond our help.

    About locking my door, my bf kept telling me that we did not need to change the locks on our doors because his brother was leaving soon. I trusted him on that but his brother betrayed his trust and therefore my trust got crapped on as well. My bf is going underway in a couple of weeks and I have a sneaky feeling that his brother is going to try to come back here, but all he'll get is a closed door and security.

    This is someone who goes out every single night with no money, no car, no job. We should have saw the signs, I could see his friends paying for him once in a while but every single night? If there were a leech in my group of friends that would get old really quickly. Or am I wrong and do people actually like hanging out with people who take 100% of the time?

    I was thinking of just calling the police and not disclosing a name but I think it would sound kind of weird if there were no breaking and entering and we had no clue at all as to who it could be. My bf tried to tell him that he was going to file a report, but he just basically said no comment to that too and left. We're not even sure where to locate him if the police were called, but I guess if the police asked his friends I'm sure they could find something. Not to mention start checking the pawn shops.

    I feel so sad, that LV multicolore was the exact color scheme I wanted. It had a lot of pinks. I think about replacing it, but it wont be the same.

    Disney: Oddly enough he did know what a birkin is. He came with me to Hermes a few times. It seems like he stole things he didn't think we were using anymore and either did a Robin Hood steal from the rich and give to the poor (his ghetto friends in exchange for rides, food, and who knows) thing or pawned it off and used the money himself like a true loser. Only items we haven't touched in a while were gone, and when confronted a while ago about the games one of his excuses was that we hadn't used them in a while anyway so why do we care. I guess since all of my birkins are in use at least once in a while he didn't take them.
  11. I hope you already put a good deadbolt lock on your front and back door (if you have a back door) and for safety I would also put one on the bedroom door. Who know what he is capable of now? He may be mad at you for kicking him out and have him and his drug friends try to rob you again. Be careful. I would still get the police involved--you know he did it.
  12. I'm sorry about your bag, but I don't think I would get the police involved unless the bf agreed :s Blood is thicker than water and I think it's only natural that he'd want to protect his brother. You don't want your relationship to your bf to suffer because of this. However, I don't think you should just let him get away with it, it'll only signal that it's okay for him to steal from you. Your bf should confront him about the bag and demand to know what he did with it. If he thinks he gave it to his gf, let him know that you'll contact her and tell her that the bag is stolen unless he gives you info on where to find it. Good luck!
  13. Oh dear, do remember to change the locks or bolt the doors and windows cos you never know if he would come back once your bf is not in. So dangerous, a gal can never be too careful.

    As for the bag, well, i really dun know but if it were to have happened to me, i wld discuss it with my bf and see what he thinks (he may not support the idea of making a report cos that guy is afterall, his own brother) :sad:
  14. oh my gosh i remember your thread about that jerk.
    good luck. ;/
  15. What did you decide to do?! Keep us up to date.