Unfortunate circumstances lead to a soon LV purchase *LONG STORY*

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Dec 21, 2007
Unfortunately I was in a hit and run accident where a lady hit my car. And I came down to see the damage and I was standing infront of her car calling the police and giving them her license plate number where all of a sudden she moved the car towards me and hit me. I didnt feel anything and moved to the side and she went and parked her car two buildings from the accident site and went up to her house as if nothing has happened. Anyways, I have a broken knee :shame: and spent 6 hours in the hospital and she's in the police custody. Thank god she didnt actually run me over because if I didnt move when she hit me she would have had no problem in doing so.

Anyways, I had posted a thread about an Epi Mandarin Speedy 25 that is available in my LV boutique ( in the UAE).
And my parents said they are going to get me an LV as a recovery gift :smile:.

But the thing is I requested for a Mini Lin Croisette Speedy and a shipment is arriving soon.

So the question is: What do I choose???

I love the Mandarin color and the fact that it's discontinued is making me crave it more and more.But I showed my mom a pic of it and she didnt like it but said it's my choice. She told me it's a hard color to wear and it's ORANGE lol.. And the Mini Lin Croisette is LE and wont be around.. so I'm stuck with a choice between a discontinued Epi color and an LE ?
I'm loving the Mini Lin Croisette and been wanting it since it came out...

Sorry for the long post! What would you do?


Sep 21, 2007
OMG sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you recover soon!

I'll choose the Mini Lin Croisette in Blue :yes:


Sep 2, 2006
United States
I can't believe she hit you with her car! That's crazy! I'm glad she's in custody and I hope you recovery quickly!
I think I like the Epi bag better but both are great! ;)
Jul 23, 2006
I'm so sorry about the psycho hitting you!!!

I would definitely choose the mini lin in blue. It is gorgeous.
She hit you on purpose??? What was wrong with that lady and then to leave the scene!!! She derserves to be locked up. I am sorry you went through that. Some people!!

Anyways, glad you are okay, with the exception of a broken knee,

[FONT=&quot]My choice would be the mini lin speedy![/FONT]


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Jan 19, 2007
At Louis Vuitton ;)
Omg ... I hope you feel alot better soon!
I say get both! ;)
But if you have to choose i would say the Mini Lin Croisette in blue i think that could go with so many things , But the Mandarin Epi is gorgeous too!


Jul 30, 2007
oh you poor thing! that's terrible! I hope you feel better soon!

I would go for the Mandarin Speedy! But go for whatever makes your heart beat faster!!! Feel better soon!


Nov 26, 2006
i like the Mini Lin Croisette, but i agree that the Mandarin Epi is so yummy! hmm, i would pick the Mini Lin Croisette because you have wanted it since it came out. think about your lifestyle and which would fit in better. if it were me, now that i'm in school again and don't dress up as much, i would choose the Mini Lin Croisette because i would get more use out of it than the Mandarin Epi. but a year ago it would have been the Mandarin Epi! sorry, i stink at helping. :sad:

and to echo jenniletv, did the gal hit you on purpose? i'm sorry that you got hurt.

baby of fashion

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Dec 21, 2007
Sue her and use the proceeds to buy any bag your heart desires. Get well soon!
lol..you made me laugh. My parents filed a police case and she's in custody now, hopefully everything will go according to the law.
I'm not going to ask my parents for two bags though, I've wanted one for a while and my mom was like no,so now they are telling me to get one. So it's just one bag!

baby of fashion

just shopping!
Dec 21, 2007
and to echo jenniletv, did the gal hit you on purpose? i'm sorry that you got hurt.
YES! On purpose!! Her children were in the car too around 12 and 13, not giving a care to the world. I'm an adult and I moved away as soon as she hit me, imagine if it was a child..what would have happened! My only concern is not money compensation for my physical and emotional damage.. it's for the withdrawal of her license,because she is not sane whatsoever!

baby of fashion

just shopping!
Dec 21, 2007
My mom is telling me now that I would regret the Mandarin Epi because of the color, and that if I want an Epi I should go for a classic color like black or red. But I'm not loving the silver hardware on the new Epi bags!