Unforgettable Regrettables !!!!

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  1. As you ladies know, fashion is always reinventing itself, There are a few items Im sure, I never, ever want to see again, here are just a few,
    The swing coat
    Pleated mini skirts
    Thigh socks & Thigh Boots
    Leg warmers
    Denim coats & Dresses
    Bomber Jackets
    Coats with built in capes

    What do you never want to see again even if it is updated ? :worried:
  2. I love my Birkenstocks... but what can i say.. Im a hippie at heart!!
  3. I like Birkenstocks, too. Leg warmers- I never wanna see those again! I had a lovely striped pair..hehe
  4. 1 - parachute pants
    2 - neon socks
    3 - members only jackets (sorry boys but they have always sucked)
    4 - pirate shirts
    5 - peg-leg jeans (no one looks good in these - not even Kate Moss)
    6 - fingerless lace gloves (even worse when they are neon)
  5. mesh shirts.

  6. I refuse to give up my Birkenstocks and I am not a hippie.
    Parachute pants can go!
  7. Never giving up my Birkenstocks!!
  8. Uggs.. *ducks* :lol:
  9. you can add:
    earth shoes
    plaid skirts
    bubble coats
    toe socks
    anything lame'
  10. T-shirts with messages written on them.
  11. I really love Birks, and leg warmers (but only under pants to literally keep warm, never worn on the outside)!

    I think the only thing that can come to mind is acid-washed jeans. And scrunchies.
  12. Stirrup pants
    Mesh tops (I had to wear a red one over a black tank for a school show that I was dancing in, I looked like a hooker)
    Furry boots that looked like it took several small animals to make them (last year on my senior trip, my friend had on pink furry boots and this guy we know took something and he was hallucinating and he thought that her boots were pink animals that were alive)

    A friend of mine wore hot pink legwarmers over black leggings with a denim mini 2 weeks ago, it actually looked kinda cute.
  13. Everything punk from the eighties and everything grunge from the 90's. thongs sticking out of low rise jeans, big afro hair, guys streatching out their earlobs, bald man combovers, high water pants, lesiure suits, bright colored mascara, AND ANYTHING IN FUR!!

  14. :shame: i'd never give up a pair of Birkenstocks... hehehe!

    I agree... Mesh is not cool!!!!
  15. Oh...moonboots lol