Unfair Treatment

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  1. Why am I being banned from this forum???

    My account was Strawberryblade and after feeling bad about a thread, I asked one of the moderators to have my account closed. She encouraged me to stay which I did and then the next day my account was closed anyway.

    So I opened a new account under yvRgal and started posting again. This morning, I logged in to see that whoever banned me even put the words "Sofa King Banned" under my yvrGal name.

    This just to show how much class some people in here to run this forum. I sent two messages politely asking what happened and since then no one replied.

    I didn't do anything wrong and I was banned TWICE!

    I'm never coming back to this forum again because of this bad treatment towards a member.

    This totally sucks!

  2. Did it have anything to do with the thread you were feeling bad about, why did you want your account closed?
  3. I wanted my account closed because I was quite upset about how some people responded on my thread. I have moved on since then but for whoever did this to me with my accounts.... I'm very upset.

    To put "Sofa King Banned" under my account name on yvrGal makes people wonder what I did wrong. That's defamation of character, don't you think?

    Anyway, I'm gone. Who cares. Thanks for asking anyway.
  4. I am thinking there was/is a misunderstanding going on here..

    First off, did the OP want the "account" closed? Or was she meaning the "thread" closed... The wording may have caused the confusion and the OP's "account" was indeed closed instead of just the thread ... Hope that makes sense...

    The OP's second name was banned according to PF rules.. that you can only have one account... I believe at least....

    I think a PM to Megs, Vlad or one of the MODs will straighten it out... and it may take a day or 2.....
  5. You specifically asked for your account to be closed, therefor Vlad closed it for you. There are more reasons why it was closed as well.

    Please do follow up with a moderator or admin for more information.
  6. I'm sorry for whatever happened in your other thread but why were you upset and did you make posts that would cause your account to be closed. I think you do care about being here or you wouldn't be here now posting. I think your just upset but not really sure why your upset.
  7. Hi again StrawberryBlade..

    The Admins are:

    Swanky Mama of Three

    I would PM each of them and get this straightened out... I'm sure it can all be worked out... This is such a fun place to post and chat, don't give up on us...
  8. This is the problem. You can't have more than one account. You should take steps to get your first account reopened and not take it so personally and start "defaming the character" of the people who run this forum by calling them classless :yes:
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    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009
    Seriously, you email via our contact form, asking for your account to be closed because you no longer wish to be a member.

    I grant this wish and then you come *****ing about being banned? That's not how things work around here. Your request to get your username back is denied.
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