unfair bonanza limitations


May 7, 2010
I haven't posted in this section before, so I hope I'm not missing something.

I tried to create and use a bonanza account this weekend. I had a buyer account that i made a few weeks ago doing some Christmas shopping, but just upgraded to a seller account yesterday.

I have a relatively inexpensive but still yet 'designer' bag I tried to sell. I posted pictures and offered the receipt to buyer. It was authenticated online and i stated that and offered that as proof to anyone interested.

So within a couple of hours of listing I get an email saying that I needed to "proove" authenticity. So I replied explaining the details on which one would need to see to authenticate. I never got a response back. I tried to list something else and my account was immediately shut down today.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? The bag I was selling is completely authentic, and i even had photos of each specific area which prooved that. Yet they are 'suspiscious' it is counterfeit without having any idea regarding the product????

So I guess now I will not be using bonanza for the holiday shopping.


Mar 8, 2010
Who was it that sent you an email proving authenticity and did you get the bag authenticated here at tPF? If another Bonanza user flagged you, it shouldn't have closed your account but suspended your listing. Why didn't you get your bag authenticated by Carol Diva? Evilbay accepts her so I'm sure Bonanza would've too. Or it is possible that someone else that uses your IP got banned so you got banned as well. IDK.


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Feb 25, 2007
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Where "online" did you have the bag authenticated? I don't see any authentication requests that you made on tPF?

If you did your "research" by reading some of the authentication guides that permeate the internet, you need to understand that most of the guides are nearly useless. Most have incorrect, misleading or obsolete information.

You should visit the "authenticate this" thread for the brand of bag you're selling and post pictures of the bag. Do not identify your seller ID as that can be construed as advertising. If additional photos are needed, those who know the brand will let you know.

As for your offering a receipt (or copy) to the buyer as "proof" of authenticity, receipts don't prove anything. Receipts can be faked or genuine receipts from a legit purchase can be used to sell a fake.