Unexpected Vistor

  1. I had an unexpected visitor last night. A BAT. :wtf: It came down the fireplace chimney, and flew through my home. I have a homemade cap on the chimney that covers it, but he must have crawled underneath it. The bat went in my library and flew to the top shelf of the bookcase. I ran in, opened the window, threw up the screen, ran back out and closed the door. I think :shrugs:he went out the window, but since I did not see him go, I am still on the watch.:hrmm:

  2. ACK!!!!! Those things are scary..eww rabies and all!

    Reminds me of the time that a bird flew into our wood stove in the basement as a kid (flew into the pipe and then got stuck in the stove). Freaked the heck out of me! I made my Dad come home from work to get it out!
  3. oh man!!! i would totally be freaking out!!!! maybe he'll fly out tonight... aren't they nocturnal?
  4. Yeah, they are nocturnal with a wicked sense of radar. So if it is still in your house (sleeping tucked away somewhere) and you can leave a window open it should be able to find its way out tonight. This happened in our beach house basement in the middle of the night once and the bat flew round and round until we opened the basement door and WHOOSH he found that opening in a split second!
  5. OH DEAR GOD..between Mice and bats...I am freaked out this week from the PF stories...OMG!!!EEK!
  6. I know what you mean...eee! Not to mention, a decorating forum that I frequent has a thread going right now about someone just walking into this woman's house because it was being renovated and she thought no one was living there and thought she'd let herself in for a peak around. That's kind of what I was expecting here.
  7. omg. that's freaky. you should of just closed the door and called animal control.
  8. OMG I remember years ago at sleep away camp. There'd be bats flying by as you tried to hook up. It was so creepy.