Unexpected trip to Coach store tomorrow! Opinions please.


Which color for Turnlock agenda?

  1. Punch

  2. Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So, my friend is coming into town and I am hitting Coach! I've been lusting over the Turnlock agenda so that's what I want to get up there. Here is the listing:


    The main question is: Which color? Black is very versatile but the Punch is LOUD. My purse set is currently the black Legacy shoulder bag with black leather legacy wristlet and black Legacy French wallet. But I always wear black so it would match, but Punch would be something different. Help please.
  2. Punch! It's very pretty and shows off the hardware better.
  3. Punch!!
  4. I vote for BLACK b/c IMO, there is NOTHING like black legacy leather! If you want something different though...go for Punch! But, my vote is for the black!!! good luck!!!
  5. the punch is so cute but for me honestly I'd get tired of it after awhile. I voted for black.
  6. Go for the Punch... it will totally pop inside your black bag.
  7. I say mix it up a bit...go crazy and get the fun color....PUNCH! :drinkup:
  8. Punch!!! It's such a gorgeous bag!!!! It will really pop!
  9. I voted for Punch! It's more fun and I'm getting an Agenda in punch for PCE (if I get an invite):wlae:
  10. Punch!!! It's gorgeous irl!
  11. The punch is gorgeous but I'd have to choose black. It looks so sophisticated and you just can't go wrong with black!
  12. i'd get punch. my rule is that my bag is a versatile color: either black, brown, or white. but the stuff inside is all colorful! that makes it so much fun to open my bag and see what is inside. and you already have three black items. i'd get punch for sure. even if you have a brown or white bag, the punch will still stand out. and you'll love it because it's unique. for me, the black agenda is too boring and something everyone has....although i do think the gold turnlock hardware looks better against the black. lol
  13. I'm in the neutral bag, fun accessories camp. Punch. :yes:
  14. I'm a punch girl!
  15. Go for "Punch" it's such a gorgeous color! :boxing: