Unexpected Toki Toy Found at Gen Con...

  1. Hi everyone~~~

    So I'm currently at Gen Con Indy for work and when I was taking a break today and walking around I noticed a Sabochan toy on one of the tables!! There was nothing else Tokidoki though but I made a beeline straight for it and asked the guy if it was for sale.

    He said it was and I got it for $20 woohoo! He also told me that they may be doing collaborations with tokidoki in the near future.

    It was the Mimobot table and they sell really cute flash drives (but kinda expensive....) http://mimoco.com/

    Yay so happy with my complete cactus family ^_^
  2. Cute! I've never seen such adorable flash drives
  3. omg those drives are adorable! I bet I'd look extra swanky if I had one for school :p haha I wonder if I could convince my mom to buy me one...
  4. Congrats -- what a great deal! :tup:
  5. I've seen those Star Wars flash drives before...just cannot remember where.
  6. I'm totally going to get the skeleton one, even though i have no use for it, lol.
  7. ooo ooo I have swirl! I bought a 1 GB at SDCC :love: I also won the pupstar in their last contest... my bf won a fairybit :smile: needless to say I'm keeping the fairybit for myself besides he doesn't need it :sneaky:

    I also have a blank vimobot done by the artist dino alberto who is a very nice humble guy :smile: I also met a semi-lurker while I was waiting for my signing and two other girls in line also had toki bags!

    Also the skeleton one is the most popular one (it sold out at SDCC) so I'd get one fast since they're limited! They can be put in cute protohoodies tooo awwwww so cute. I still want a gloomy
  8. karmaloop sells them. :yes:
  9. $20 is an awesome deal for Sabochan!! Lucky you!! I'm still missing him and Sandy :sad:

    MIMOBOTS!! They're the cutest flash drives! Ever. I've been staring at the Gloomy Bear ones for a long time.. pink? or gray? bloody? less bloody? ohhh the decisions! Man, if they had a TOKIDOKI x MIMOBOT collaboration.. :graucho: Haha another :idea: for Simone!

    Jenn - Swirl is suuuper cute! That one and pupstar are my faves out of the new collection! :nuts: Do you use yours? :smile: They must be fun to use! LOL
  10. OMG I have got to get my DH a darth vader....wow, if they collabo, I would have to have more than just one toki flash drive
  11. I'm voting for a collab w/ toki! lol

    and yupp I use mine :biggrin: well just swirl... they also come with info already pre-loaded on there that you can unzip onto your desktop. For Star Wars and Happy Tree Friends I know they have movie clips and stuff... My swirl has 2 games, a lot of images/avatars/etc, and some other stuff I haven't fully explored yet ^__^ it's awesome!
  12. Does the Mimobot come with a lanyard like a lot of flash drives do? I think I'd lose mine if it wasn't for that lanyard because I'm always thowing it around in my bag or on my floor, etc... Haha.
  13. nope... it comes with a little protohoodie w/ a clip... you can see them on the site. but yeah you can attach those to a lanyard if you like
  14. i got one of the flash drives at comicon! i looove mine heehee
  15. which one did you get? :smile: