Unexpected surprises!

  1. While checking my email late one Saturday afternoon, I saw that BTR was having a Celine sale. I wasn't expecting anything to be available since it was already late in the day but there was a black mini (for a great price) on reserve instead of being sold out! I left the page open so I could check to see if it would become available later and after cleaning the house, having dinner, and watching a movie at the theatre, IT FINALLY DID!

    I checked out as fast as I could and waited impatiently for my bag to arrive. When I pulled it out of the dustbag, I immediately understood why so many people love it. It felt incredibly well made inside and out and looked fantastic. I had it authenticated as soon as I got home (and again just recently - thanks again to everyone who helped me) and now that I'm confident about my purchase, I would like to finally share my first Celine...

    A black Palmeleto mini! :nuts:


    I was expecting to receive a regular mini based on the price but when I looked more closely at the details of the bag and style number, I started to wonder if I received the wrong tags or the Palmeleto version. I ended up ordering a regular mini (which became available just a few days ago) to compare and my suspiscions were confirmed. My Black mini from BTR is made of Palmeleto leather! :love:

    Regular on left, Palmeleto on right

    The leather is smoother, feels thicker/more structured and has a beautiful sheen. I am not sure how durable it is since I haven't actually used it but the regular one is already showing some scratches (it may have just been handled more though). Both are beautiful but I really lucked out. The Palmeleto is AMAZING. :heart:
  2. What a lucky find, congrats it's beautiful!:love:
  3. Congrats on that special Luggage! Do update us with its patina with time! A solid black Luggage will never go out of style.
  4. congratulation!!!
  5. Thank you! :smile:

    Thanks! I love all the different color minis I've seen but black is a color I know I will always use. I'm kind of glad I didn't have a choice! :p

  6. Congrats on the black mini! Now I want one even more!!! The leather looks tdf.
  7. Lucky you! Enjoy your gorgeous new bag!!!
  8. Wow! Congrats! Black is gorgeous, no matter how you look at it. Are you keeping both?
  9. Lucky lady! Congrats on your new mini
  10. congrats! i LOVE my black mini too. just wondering, does BTR always sell authentic or not all? i was tempted to buy the B/W cabas last time they had sale but i passed coz i wasn't sure. the price was really good.
  11. So Classic, Congrats
  12. Thank you! The leather is amazing IRL. :yes:

    Thank you! :smile:
    Thanks! I was afraid it'd be a little boring but I love it and I know I'll use it without worry. I'm returning the regular leather mini back to Nordstrom.

    Thank you!

    Several tPF member's bought from the sale and their bags were authentic and I believe they off a guarantee that it is. I was a little worried as well but I'm glad i went for it!

  13. Sweetart - I admire that wonderful Mini you scored! Congratulations to your fist Céline! :woohoo:

    Did you already take her out? How do you like it?
  14. Hey friend! Congrats on your awesome find! This bag was meant to be! The palmeleto leather looks amazing in your pics I can only imagine it's so much better in person! Congrats again! :smile:
  15. CongRats!! I love palmeleto leather.. The leather is TDF.