Unexpected purchase: Gucci Blooms Zip Wallet w/tons of card slots

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  1. Went in for a Blooms pouch, super sweet SA showed me this wallet. Never seen it anywhere online, was really pleasantly surprised to see the 16 card slots. Been looking for a wallet that can fit all of my cards but is still super cute, and totally fell in love with this one. Can also plop my iphone 6 plus in there and zip it up, so it's like a clutch wallet. Anyone else have one? Love!

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  2. It's beautiful. I like the inside color too.
  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love all the card slots. Did you happen to notice if they had this model in the new blue blooms?
  4. thanks! yea i love this color combo!
  5. mmm no, i didn't ask, but i don't see why they wouldn't....
  6. Really pretty ~ a work of art.
  7. Congrats on your new wallet! Such a pretty print...
  8. :woohoo: so pretty, congratulations
  9. Thanks all!!
  10. I am in love with this! I am planning a trip to my local Gucci soon as I need to get something in this range. Thanks for the lovely pics, it is helpful to see how roomy this is, especially the ample card slots as you mentioned. Enjoy this beauty!
  11. I love that it opens flat. It's beautiful! :smile:
  12. Very pretty, I love the interior color also, congrats!
  13. beautiful!
  14. So beautiful! I love it! Do you mind sharing the price and style code if available? :smile:
  15. gorgeous!!