unexpected purchase at lv takashimaya

:yahoo:i am overjoyed! as some of you know, i am spending my anniversary week with dh here in tokyo. prior to coming here, he already gave me a lockit horizontal as a present. so i told him, no more shopping for bags here. besides, it's really cheaper in hong kong. well, the other day, i just went inside the lv store in ginza and saw that they have the damier sophie again. i left without buying it. but of course, i couldn't stop thinking about it. so this morning, i went to lv takashimaya in futako tamagawa. they have the bag!!! i was going to buy it when i realized i didn't have my passport on me (i need it to get the tax refund). so they put it on hold and i am picking it up tomorrow morning (with my passport, of course)!!!!
i wasn't expecting to like it but it's a perfect small bag for going around town. it fits my cellphone, ludlow and compact perfectly. even dh says, it's a good deal since it's only sold in japan (this i'm not so sure about since i think it's also available in hawaii) and the price is really good esp with my tourist tax refund.
sorry, i am soo excited that i had to share. will take pics tomorrow when i pick it up. can't wait to share my newest baby with all of you.


May 1, 2006
congrats on the sophie!!!! i'm going to japan next week and am so excited. i will definitely load up on those LV bible books and such.


Mar 5, 2006
Congratulations on your damier sophie! It is perfect for going around town. It's been my primary bag for the weekends. :smile:


Aug 11, 2006
thanks john and inlovewithvuit. i am having a fantastic time eating here in tokyo. too bad i can't have sushi since i am pregnant with baby number 2. but there is no limit to the amount of soba, udon and tempura that i can eat. haha. i will post pics asap!
Congrats on both the Sophie & the pregnancy!!! Cant wait to see pics...:woohoo:


Fill the Giant Pig!
Nov 7, 2006
Cajun Country
It's good to know that the Sophie is still available; I'm going to ask my dad to look for it when he goes back to Japan. :smile:
I miss real Japanese udon; it's my favorite!