Unexpected (Presidential!) Coach sighting!

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    This may be old news to the "veteran coachies" but it was new to me so I thought I'd share it with other "less-experienced coachies".

    I was watching an episode of West Wing today. It was season 1, episode 21, titled "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics" and it originally aired on May 10, 2000.

    There is a scene where presidential aide Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe) gives his friend Laurie (Lisa Edelstein) a briefcase as a present for her law school graduation. The scene is at night and it's hard to see clearly but I immediately thought "that's a Coach!"

    In a later scene President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and his staff are sitting around the oval office waiting for some information and the president asks Sam what he got for Laurie as a present for her graduation? Sam answers "A Coach Beekman in British Tan with brass hardware!" Next, the president begins to chat about different brands of briefcases!

    I took some screenshots (attached) of the scene of Sam giving Laurie the briefcase but like I said, it's hard to see details. Below is the dialogue from the "Beekman scenes"! I was tickled to see and hear the Coach reference.

    LAURIE Good night, Janeane. [to Sam] What’d you get me?
    SAM A graduation gift.
    LAURIE Is it a briefcase? Did I just ruin it? I only asked because a briefcase is the typical law school graduation gift, and when I said ‘typical’, I don’t mean boring. I just mean basic, and when I say basic, I don’t mean boring, either.
    Sam hands her a small long box.
    SAM Open the box.
    LAURIE You bought me a pen?
    SAM It’s a good one. It writes upside down and you can use that pen in outer space.
    Laurie chuckles and closes the box.
    LAURIE Where’s my present?
    Sam reaches into a bag on the steps and pulls out a briefcase. Laurie is stunned.
    SAM Happy graduation, counselor.
    LAURIE Thank you.
    Sam hugs Laurie.
    SAM Way to go, Laurie.
    LAURIE Thank you......
    BARTLET What kind of briefcase did you get her, Sam?
    SAM Sir?
    BARTLET What kind of briefcase?
    SAM Coach Beekman in British tan with brass hardware.
    BARTLET That’s nice.
    SAM Yes, sir.
    BARTLET Andare makes a nice model. Comes in black or brown, hand stained, fit a laptop, notebooks, the works.
    TOBY This conversation is surreal.
    BARTLET Trieste in Milan makes a nice briefcase...

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  2. Ha ha ha!! I gotta see that. Can you post this clip on YouTube? The script writer must be a big fan of Coach. ;)
  3. Sorry, I don't know how to do that!
  4. SAM Coach Beekman in British tan with brass hardware.
    BARTLET That’s nice.
    SAM Yes, sir.

    Oh that is so cool I loved the West Wing and I can not belive I did not notice this.. I love that briefcase my husband has it in black and he will not get anything else It is his fav..
  5. I watched WW, and loved it, even remember the Coach references too!
  6. Wow! that's so cool! does anyone have a link to the video?
  7. OMG, I so remember that episode! I had received the Bleeker Brief in Black w/ Nickel right around that same time, and watching I so remember thinking it maybe product placement.
    I am always so jaded, and always think it's product placement.

    I recall the Coach catalog a few years before that, when Coach had their models as offspring of famous/historic American figures. IE: George Washington's great great niece... I loved that catalog for years!
  8. I am sure that it was product placement but they did it very well; I really enjoyed seeing a Coach with a "supporting role" on a hit TV show! I would have enjoyed seeing that catalog, too!
  9. I know I have it saved someplace, I would love to find it...It's been a few years seen I've looked at it, but every page was a different bag, with a famous person's offspring. I just loved the idea of that w/ one of my favorite American companies.