Unexpected outlet find! Birthday goodies!

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  1. I went to the outlet yesterday to look for a birthday present for myself since my birthday was last week. Deletes were only 40% off so I didn't think I was going to get anything until I spotted this!
    Madison east/west saff tote in cornflower! I'm guessing it was a return since it's still on the full price website.
    And I picked up the large legacy clutch in midnight oak for 49$! So I'm beyond thrilled with my birthday finds!

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  2. Oooh, nice!!
  3. Happy Birthday! Nice haul!
  4. Right place...Right time!
    Congrats and Happy Birthday (twins on the clutch):Partyhat::party::Partyhat:
  5. Nice finds and happy birthday!!!
  6. love them esp. the tote!
  7. Great bags! Happy Birthday!
  8. Awesome finds! Happy Birthday!!
  9. Happy birthday! Love the colors!
  10. Happy birthday! Great gifts yourself!
  11. Great finds! Congrats and Happy Birthday! :Partyhat:
  12. Happy Birthday!! Congrats on 2 great finds.
  13. Very nice! Happy happy birthday! Enjoy!
  14. Great finds, congrats!!!
  15. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your great finds.