Unexpected obsession. Nano Luggage

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  1. For years I absolutely hated this robot thing seen on everyone woman walking down Madison. All these years later all of a sudden, I'm salivating over buying a grey one. The Nano Luggage WILL be my next purchase. Would like to do it in spring (even though grey is a fall winter color). Hope there is no price increase till about May. Thanks for having me as a newbie on this page. Happy Celine everyone!
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  2. Are you eyeing the kohl color? I love that it has a tint of blue.
  3. OMG the SAME thing happened to me two weeks ago. I had the same thoughts for years -- ugly robot bag. Then, all of a sudden, this January I became OBSESSED with the nano luggage. I was in Europe last week and am kicking myself for not buying it -- it's so much cheaper over there. I was in Switzerland, so it was a bit more expensive than other places in Europe, which is why I decided to wait. I also couldn't decide between the black or the kohl, so I figured I'd look at them more closely when I came back home (also to NYC).

    Is there talk that the price will increase in May?
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  4. There must be something in the air, because I've been feeling the same way! I started hating it less and less, then went to actually looking to purchase one. I haven't gone through with it yet, because I can't not see a face when I look at it. But I feel like it's going to happen sooner or later
  5. Not the nano luggage specifically, but any luggage tote in general. I used to think it was tacky and then suddenly I wanted one so badly. Like had to have one. And then last week I scored an SS10 mini (or is it a small? I can't figure out the difference, but all I know is it is authenticated and lovely).
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  6. Sorry I've been MIA. Anyway, after looking around, I really like the Souris. (but only in the Nano for sure). I'm gonna give it some more time and thought and see what other colors come out in the next few months. I saw online a metallic silver which I don't like. I don't like the spring colors either. We shall see. By the way, haven't heard of a price increase. I'm just paranoid.
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  7. nano belt and teen classic had a price increase in Singapore in January. the nano luggage in full leather did not have a price increase.
  8. This is kind of funny. I’ve always hated the luggage bag and this is literally the very first time I’m on the Celine forum as I just one minute ago thought that maybe it isn’t that bad and actually it’s quite cute in the nano size.. What’s wrong with the air right now? :lol:
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