Unexpected little cutie


silent = listen
Mar 18, 2007
I went to the 5th ave boutique yesterday for the S/S collection trunk show, but I was also hoping to find my perfect black bag that I had been searching for a long long time.

I rarely wear black these days, but everyone needs a little black bag for a grab-and-go, yes?

I already have the campana, the new pyramid, and the cabat, so I wanted to try different styles.

The veneta, somehow just never works for me.
The original pyramid, is a bit sporty for my liking.
The frame bag, is a bit formal for the purpose.
The cervo hobo, in nero, is a little heavy looking on me. (I LOVED the fever cervo hobo, though!!!)
The cervo seam shoulder bag, is a bit too big.
The aquatre bag, is a bit too flat.
The soft lambskin bag that boxermom has in grape, apparently doesn't come in nero?

Then, my SA brought this lovely out, and I said, "YES!!!"