Unexpected HG before the increase!

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  1. For years, I've been stalking LV for a black speedy with a strap and a bag with front and back pockets with dark handles. The day has arrived! It was unexpected as I lost hope and moved on to Chanel but we popped into LV since hubby needed a wallet. While he waited for his purchase to be wrapped I wandered around and found them! Hubby said he'd gift them for my anniversary present and also I was lucky as these were the last ones before the price increase on Monday! Happy happy joy joy!


    My etching project to show my love :smile:
  2. Fantastic pieces! Congrats and enjoy!!
  3. Wow. Beautiful! What's the second piece?

  4. It's called Pallas. :smile:
  5. Congrats! They're all beautiful!
  6. Two excellent picks!! Congrats :smile:
  7. Congrats! Beautiful additions!
  8. Ahhh congrats. This answered my question in my thread. Was it the display? Cause they told me mine was the last one in the Ala Moana store and it appeared as if they took it down from display which I was ok with cause it was high up on a shelf and didn't appear to be handled at all.
  9. Love the etched glass. I want one :biggrin: pwwease?
  10. beautiful LV's - congrats!!
  11. So pretty!! congrats!!!!
  12. LOVE these so much - congrats!
  13. Very pretty! :smile:
  14. Beautiful, congrats!

  15. Hmmm not sure but I don't think it was a display. When I went the blue was displayed which I had mistaken for the black. So they checked their inventory and saw 1 left but couldn't find due to their renovation shuffling or could be in transit. They were all scrambling looking for it to the point where I could see them sweating. That is awesome customer service! Though, if it was a display I would think it'll be easier to find regardless I'm happy because the feet wasn't scratched.