**Unexpected Great Find leads to a dilemma**

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  1. ***This is not an attempt to buy or sell via tPF. I just need advice.***

    Last weekend I stumbled upon something I probably would have never bought for myself: a Speedy 25 in monogram print. It was made in 2004, the vachetta is amazing, the canvas is perfect, no smells, came with a lock (the local LV store gave me matching keys for free!), etc. Got it at a consignment shop out of town for a steal and I mean I would have paid TWICE as much for it through online consignment or a reasonable seller on eBay.

    I already have a Speedy 30, an Alma, a Pochette, Azur cles, and DE Agenda, with a mini pochette Azur on my next must-have list. The reason why I would not normally have bought a 25 is because I always thought it would be too small for me, but now that I have it, I just don't think I can let it go, even for a great profit. In fact, I'm toying with the idea of getting it hotstamped. :lol:

    So the advice I need probably sounds simple, but I don't use the Alma, like, really at all. Turns out while I love top handles and satchels, the Alma doesn't "look" like me and I don't find it easy to get in and out of. I want to sell it but I'm afraid I'm too attached to do so, which probably sounds ridiculous. The Alma has been in my little collection for about 3 years and I'm just used to seeing it there. I really wish I could just sell it and not think twice about it. I know I will use both Speedys and any more SLGs I already have and will buy in the future MUCH more than I will ever use the Alma. Finding the smaller Speedy has only confirmed this fact to me and I think I would be unhappy selling it - even at a profit - and keeping the Alma instead. I just don't need the Alma, I don't wear it, and I just see $$$ sitting there collecting dust when there's other things I'd like to fund.

    Can someone tell me what it sounds like my heart is telling me to do? I know it probably sounds ridiculous...I guess I need encouragement saying "goodbye" to a bag I've had for a few years but don't actually use.

    Thanks for any help or encouragement you can give me and have a great day.
  2. I've been selling off some of my bags (not LV's) that I thought I was attached to and would really miss...and I don't! Ha. Especially since they've just been sitting in my closet untouched and I know they're going to someone who will love them...or let them sit in the closet with their collection, whatever they desire. Just do it quick like a bandaid ;)
  3. I would sell the Alma....I know it's difficult but you aren't getting any use out of it. You have figured out that as pretty as it is, it doesn't work for you. Sell it and get something you will love and use:smile:
  4. Since you don't need the funds to help with that new purchase, why not just live with the bags you have and make a decision about the Alma sometime down the road? It's not necessary to take action if you're conflicted. Who knows--six months from now you may decide two Speedys aren't great and you'd rather sell a Speedy instead.
  5. I am in the same situation with my mono alma. I have listed it for sale twice and each time when a buyer messages me I have said that it's no longer available. I know that's bad of me, but I cannot bring myself to sell it. I'm obviously not ready yet and I don't need the money desperately. I would rather keep it than regret selling later on. Perhaps try using it a few more times - force yourself
    And then make an agreement with yourself that if you really just can't get used to it, theres no use such a lovely bag sitting and going to waste when it could be enjoyed by someone who wants an alma desperately.

    Regarding my Josephine wallet, I found the tri fold style so difficult! I kept switching back to other, bi fold wallets. I forced myself to use it for a month and at the end of the month, it felt perfectly normal! And I absolutely love it, I truly do. If I didn't love it after that month, I think that I would've sold it. Perhaps you should do something similar? Good luck, whatever you decide
  6. +1 I agree with this.
  7. Lol, yes, like a BandAid!

    I think my problem is that I'm a collector on a "need" budget, know what I mean? I don't want to keep something while knowing its $value could go to something I'd use every day and really love, but at the same time I almost feel like I need the Alma in order to "round out" the few LVs in the collection I do have. (I hope that makes sense -- I can get too philosophical about this issue.)

    I sold the DE pochette I bought 2 years ago and the only reason why I didn't hate shipping it off was because the buyer was SO happy about getting it. Plus it enabled me to later buy something I really loved.
  8. thank you for the validation that it is "difficult" -- I have to remind myself that the Alma is an inanimate object and won't feel like I "abandoned" her LOL
  9. I think you should sell Alma since you don't wear it. Like you said it's money collecting dust and you can fund other things. That would be enough reason for me.
  10. Thank you for this -- I have to remember that I don't have to make a decision yesterday. It has taken me three days to get the nerve to decide to even post about this here.

    I will say that I feel a love for the 25 in the few days I've had it that I've never felt about the Alma.
  11. I think this will eventually end up happening, I just have to make 100% sure that I feel strongly about it when I actually pull the trigger and sell. Plus I want to make 100% sure that what I choose to fund with its price is something I want badly enough to forget about the Alma :smile:
  12. This may wind up helping you make the decision to sell.:smile: Again, giving it some time can help shape this issue for you.

  13. Well said! I think that once you find something you can't live without to out the Alma funds toward, it'll be so much easier! That also helped when selling off my unused bags, having something else in mind ;)

    Good luck!
  14. This is, in my opinion, really wise advice. I guess the only stumbling block I have to actually fulfilling this plan is now I have a couple of other newer handbags I want to work into my rotation first and the Alma would just be pushed back further in line, sad to say. Really I've only ever taken it to the mall, and I had to do even that quite deliberately, as it is not easy to use (for me) getting out a wallet to pay and it is not elegant enough (in my opinion) to take to dinner and I certainly don't use it as a grab-and-go picking the kids up from school (which is one reason why I am leaning toward a mini pochette as it would be ideal for that).

    I'm really happy you found use for your wallet, though. :smile:
  15. Thank you! You all are so kind and patient with your advice. Sadly I don't know anyone in real life who I can ask about this without sounding crazy :graucho:

    I definitely have an agenda (no pun intended) for my next purchase. I'm excited because my heart gets fluttery thinking about it and I've been obsessing about it for a couple of months now.