Unexpected Gift from my hubby!

  1. How fun!!! Congrats!!!
  2. Yey! I love gifts & surprises! Congrats! c",)
  3. That was so sweet of your DH. Congrats!
  4. Super Cute! Such A Sweet Husband!
  5. Very nice! Congrats!
  6. "Just because"... Nice hubby and nice wallet! :smile:
  7. Very thoughtful and it is great wallet:smile:
  8. So sweet! Beautiful wallet. Enjoy!
  9. Congrats..I love zippys.
  10. Gorgeous! Many congrats :flowers:
  11. that's so sweet! congrats! don't you love it when good things happen when you least expect it?
  12. Beautiful surprise..congrats.
  13. Have the same thing myself. Enjoy!!!
  14. Ahhhh, so excited you got your ZCW! That was so sweet of your DH, and I love how your DS presented it to you! Congrats and enjoy both of your new LVoes. 😃
  15. How cute!