Unexpected finds and great deals! Come see!

Jun 3, 2006
Austin, Texas
No reveal this time

So there are three parts to my story:

1) a recent thread about ponytail scarves inspired me to start researching and collecting more...so I did!!! here's some of my recent ebay finds.

2) As you know I have an almost complete heritage stripe berry set...i still need the beauty case and the compact clutch...HOWEVER...I was CONVINCED that a mini skinny did not exists seeing as how I tried mutilple times to order one only to be told one was never made. Well...as fate would have it...I FOUND ONE! random chance occurance under my daily "purple coach" searches on ebay

this is soooooo exciting! when you find something that you are sure doesn't exist! someway, somehow...it does!:yahoo:

3) and so then...today I was at macy's and they always have coach shoes on the rack...of course i see ones that I had been eyeing but never wanted to pay full price...they were marked $53...from $108...i was still hesistant so the associate rang them up and they were $30!!! I was verrrryyy happy! And so now this completes a set...shoes and all!!!

and here is the set with a little someone who snuck in!

ANNNDDD to top it off...this little baby is on it's way!!! i found the matching wristlet and then found this bag for $96!!!

thanks for looking!!!


Sep 25, 2008
Love all your finds! :heart: I saw the purple shoes at Macy's last week and there weren't any left in my size! They are soo comfy!


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
So glad you found the mini-skinny that was never made..LOL-good for you!!! That's the best find IMO even though I'd knock you over and steel those shoes!!! ha ha ha

Gorgeous purple Coach ALL AROUND!!!


Coach, MJ or RM?
Dec 2, 2006
Cafe World on FB
Michelle, those shoes look so comfortable.
I have the mini and the capacity in that set, I was searching all the 50% off items at Macy's today, I want a Cosmetic case and wristlet.

You are my favorite purple addict.;)