Unexpected bday gift = ANOTHER bbag! Now I need your help!


Jul 31, 2006
Well, just when I had figured I'd have to live my life w/just one gorgeous bbag for a very long time, I unexpectedly got a very generous bday gift! So of course, I want to buy another bbag (man, you guys are not kidding about the addictive qualities of these bags).

I'm thinking since I went relatively safe and "practical" w/my first bag (anthra city), and this bag will absolutely be the final bag for God knows how long, I want to go with one "pop" color. I was thinking to perhaps go with the first size, but wasn't sure how practical that would be. However, I'm finding that I do have room for plenty more things in my city, so maybe the first wouldn't be that bad a choice for me, plus since this will be the "bold" color choice, it most likely will not be used to haul around all of my everyday stuff the way my city is.

So now onto the ultimate question - what color? I'm thinking the violet that's coming out in fall, but am I already too late for that (and does anyone know if it's even being offered in the first size)? Any other suggestions? Should I try to hunt for an older color? Or should I go for another neutral (prehaps sienna)? I considered the magenta, but it only comes in the city size and I know that for me, it would just be too much of a good thing (I have a hang up about pink even though I always love everyone else's pics of their magentas).

What would you do? I need your knowledge, bbag experts! I'm such a newbie and everything I've learned has been from you guys!
Oct 9, 2006
Ontario, Canada
hey willowsmom!

I noticed that nobody had responded to your post, and while I'm rather a newbie as well, I think your hunch is correct in going for a pop of colour but in a small dose - a first in a bright colour sounds like a perfect second Bbag!

I tend to like all the 'tropical' Bbag colours: pumpkin, apple green, magenta, marigold, and turquoise. however, I'm not sure how practical these would be with your wardrobe, and furthermore, these colours are all from past seasons, so you would have a bit of hunting to do.

perhaps a safer pop of colour would be a red first. red is a surprisingly versatile colour for a bag. I love the way a red bag looks against dark blue jeans!

also, I think vert gazon is another lovely, surprisingly practical colour.

how about you sleep on those ideas?

keep us posted!

cheers! : )


Jan 6, 2006
I'd go with a magenta first and sometimes they pop up on ebay in mint condition.
I got mine from a lovely pfer in mint condition and I just love it. It's one of my favourite bags.


Ms. GoLightly
Aug 16, 2006
I would call Balny tomorrow and speak w/ Kim or Daisy. Ask if you can get on the waitlist for the violet first. I think they call it grape. If not, then I would ask for color suggestions from the SA. Usually they have knowledge and great advice about such things.
Here is the # 1-212-206-0872, when prompted push button 2. Good luck and please let us know what you get!

How sick am I that I have Balny programmed into my cell?


Old school tPFer
Jan 31, 2006
Montreal, Quebec.
firstly, happy belated birthday....!!! :yahoo:

ok.. now down to business! the first would be an excellent choice if you want a colour that pops...!!! i think marigold would look BEAUTIFUL...! :yes: or even Tomato...!! or violet...!! :P i guess i'm not much help... :rolleyes:

or you could consider a twiggy? or maybe a box if you could find one...? french blue in twiggy is BEAUTIFUL...!! but they don't come in firsts, if i'm not wrong...


another grey city
Feb 17, 2007
san francisco
if i had an anthracite city and could only get one more bbag, i would definitely want one that is way different. if you can't get on the waitlist for tomato, jaune, or grape, then rouge vif might be a good choice IMO. or white! in a purse, or a day. white looks so good on a day, and it's such a chic, casual style.


Window Shopper
Oct 18, 2006
New Mexico
I agree that you should go with a bold color that will work in your wardrobe. Don't forget to post pics when you decide.


Bubbles luvs Bbags
Dec 23, 2006
Great Lakes
Yea!! :yahoo: I'm excited for you! What a great surprise!!

I agree with everyone, that a pop of color would be a great addition, so that you can carry a neutral if the situation requires it, or spice things up with some color!!

I :heart: the idea of:
- A red family First or Twiggy
- An Aqua, Vert Gazon, or bright color from the Fall colors debuting in June, in a City style...

I also think evilarchitect's suggestion of a chic white bag would be fab!! Good luck deciding, it probably depends alot on your wardrobe & what you'll be comfortable carrying!! Let us know what you're leaning towards!!


Jul 31, 2006
Guys - thanks so much for all the suggestions! I actually had a dream last night about literally being in line at balny for a violet first! Talk about obsessed!

queenof couture - I actually was thinking about a red bag as a close second to the violet (I think I've got my heart set on that for right now, but I might not be able to swing it). I do like a lot of the other colors you mentioned, but am not sure how they'd do with my wardrobe.

Shasta - thanks for the info! I'll definitely be calling them shortly! And thanks for the # - your sickness saved me some time!

I definitely will keep you all posted on what I decide!