Unexpected 2016 Last purchase


Aug 18, 2012
Yesterday I nearly lost my earrings when I tried to undressed my jacket in the airport .Luckily my Hubby found it in the end orelse I'm gonna be very sad [emoji17]..Anyway I still can't find the earrings back that lock the pin
I feel like it doesn't look perfect anymore
The pin of the earrings is a bit loose so I send my earrings to the store for repair .The SA gave me a new earring backs and it makes me happy again

I also bought a pair of beige Espadrilles .
I was torn between the black espadrilles ,black ballerinas and beige espadrilles but somehow the ballerinas look weird on me
Melbourne have been running out of the Camellia stock..I feel something is missing without the camellia on the shopping paper bag from the previous purchase and today I got it all from the SA
Finally I feel complete ..Lol IMG_1482831025.633903.jpg IMG_1482831039.309853.jpg IMG_1482831052.615864.jpg IMG_1482831062.265546.jpg


Apr 13, 2009
Lovely, congratulations on finding your size in this colourway. Enjoy and thanks for the reveal!