Uneven patina on DA neverfull - collonil spray or natural?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought the DA Neverfull bag 2 months ago brand new from louis vuitton at an airport in London.

    About 3 weeks ago I decided to spray the vachetta with Collonil water stop spray to prevent water marks etc. Now...I don't know if this is what has caused the change in colour as I didn't compare the tabs or handles for colour differences before I started spraying or whether my bag just had uneven patina from the beginning.

    I sprayed the tabs attached to the bag, the handle and then side drawstrings and then allowed it to dry for a minute or two before going back to spray again. However after spraying a few times and turning the bag round to do the other side, I noticed that the tabs on one side seemed paler than the others. When I sprayed the 'lighter' tabs they were waterproof by this point- as in, I sprayed with Collonil and the liquid was just sitting as droplets ontop of the tabs. When I spayed the 'darker' side, these droplets did not appear and I just noticed the tabs being slightly darker. I panicked and stopped spraying, thinking that if the tabs were saturated with the spray that drying would help even things out.

    However, it appears my neverfull now has one side where both tabs and handle are quite light in colour (left side of the picture) whilst the other 2 tabs and the handle on the other side are fairly bit darker (right side of picture). The colour of the side drawstrings are also darker. Hopefully you can tell by the image I took, although it's difficult to capture the true difference.

    Anyone else had problems with these water guard sprays changing the colour of their vachetta? Or is my bag naturally uneven in the first place?

    Is this something I can go to louis vuitton about in the hope they'll give me a new one or should I let nature takes it course and hopefully it will even out? I know it’s not super obvious and only if you properly look do you notice it but it is bugging me recently!

    Thanks :smile:

    3DCA94FA-004B-4FB0-A9C8-0E252A8DD9E1_1_105_c.jpeg F06C1BA1-F482-4310-B26E-21666B43A501_1_105_c.jpeg
  2. I hope this doesn't sound too harsh, but why after ignoring the advice given by Louis Vuitton regarding not applying any chemicals to your leather would you expect to get a new bag? The leather is made to patina, but this may not happen evenly at first. Keeping the leather pristine is a relatively new concept in the world of Louis Vuitton, and the way it ages is what makes your bag unique to you. I would suggest that you leave it alone and enjoy it, or you could pay to have the leather replaced.
  3. It is possible for two handles to tan at slightly different speeds (natural leather variation), and your Collonil may have exacerbated the issue.
    Maybe try putting the lighter handle in front of a sunny window for a day or 2 and see if it improves? Wrap/cover the canvas and other handle with a towel.
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  4. Patina absolutely can/will happen at different speeds. The side exposed when you carry the bag will darken quicker than the part against your body. This is not a defect and I don’t think LV should replace anything. I’ve also never used sprays on vachetta but still got the uneven patina which I corrected by swapping what side was exposed for a while. You can try the sunbathing method Karman suggested as well. Eventually it should all even out :smile:
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  5. Hi cbarrus,

    I really didn't want to get those horrible water marks from the rain if I ever got caught in bad weather (living in England this is bound to happen) and I've seen/read countless posts of people using sprays to protect the vachetta with no adverse problems whatsoever. This is why I wasn't sure if i had ruined the bag with my own spraying or this was a natural tanning process that I just didn't notice beforehand. Of course if it is my own fault I wouldn't expect LV to replace a new bag for me, but if it was due to different hides during the manufacturing then I would hope something could be done. Thanks a lot for your reply :smile:
  6. Thanks all- I am leaving the lighter side exposed to the window/general air and the darker side hidden. Hoping it does even out over time fingers crossed.
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  7. I would not have noticed any difference if you didn't point it out. Don't worry about it. It can happen even without the spraying. i had one handle of my speedy wrapped and when I took it off the patina between the two handles were uneven. I thought it was hilarious. Like @kbell said I just put one side to the sun more. Leather was live skin and different pieces could tan at different rates. Enjoy your imperfect bag. That's life. :smile:
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