Uneven earpiercing

  1. I recently bought my 15 month old daughter for her earpierce. There is a local pedicatrian that is known for doing it in his clinic. I thought, that's great, done by a doctor.

    Anyways, this yahoo of a doctor takes her in while running between patients. He first marks her ears and disappeared for 10 minutes. My husband and I noticed the markings were uneven with the two ears and mentioned it when he returned. This a$$hole tells me off and told me to keep my mouth shut and just let him do his job. I know that we should of just walked out but unfortunately we didn't. Oh, I forgot to mention that he didn't even sterilize her ears either. Anyways, click, click it's done and of course uneven. I am PIST. The a$$hole literally opened the door for us to leave immediately.

    My question is, should I leave it the way it is or have one of her ears re-pierced elsewhere? Should I let her make her own decision when she is older. I really bothers me alot.

    By the way, if you are in the Montreal area, his name is Dr. Murray Katz (don't go to him, it's just an easy $$ in his pocket).
  2. OMG that's terrible!!! DEFINITELY take both piercings out now! Let the holes heal and close, and you can decide from there. If you do decide to get her ears re-pierced, it would be better to do both ears again at the same time to make sure it's completely even. But definitely don't leave the earrings in or else she'll regret having uneven ear piercings for the rest of her life. I'm sorry this happened to you...that doctor sounds like such a jerk!!!
  3. what an a-hole! i got furious just reading the story!

    anyway, here are my thoughts- take the earrings out asap. they close faster the sooner u get them out. the longer u leave them in there's more chance of developing the lump/scaring inside the hole, and it would make re-peircing harder later on.
    and the doctor was very rude, u should report him to health regulations because he didnt alcohol wipe ur daughter's ears, which may cause serious infection. and also report him to fair trading department (we have them in australia, not sure what they are called in montreal) because of the way he treated u and the way he performed the ear piercing. i mean u paid him for EVEN ear piercings, and he obviously didnt get his job done. he should be banned from the industry.
  4. Take them out and let her decide when she's old enough.
  5. First off...:cursing: what and ******* of a doc! I think Missy meant something like the Better Business Bureau-and yes, I would report him to the BBB and the health department.
    Anyway, take them out ASAP. Decide from there if you want to get them re-pierced or not, but take them out NOW.
  6. What a terrible experience!!! Like everyone else, I suggest taking them out right away so that the holes heal and you can just have them repierced (evenly) later on.
  7. I think you should take them out as well. you can have them repierced later on if you wish. I've had my ears pierced a number of times (I have/have had 5 piercings in my ears and I have a PhD in losing the earrings and forgetting about it until the holes close up) and usually the person doing it asks me if I think the markings look even before piercing them. I don't always agree that it does, and when I don't the piercer changes it to my liking. So I def. think you've been treated unwell and I'd be very displeased if I was you.
  8. Unless you have reported him to your country's health regulations and/or have photographic evidence, I do not think you should post anybody's name on a forum. For what we know you might be a bitter exgirlfriend trying to give the guy a bad reputation. FYI, anybody can send him the link to your post and you'd be in serious trouble. Just saying.
  9. The guy telling you to keep your mouth shut in the first place should have been a red flag to get the hell out of there, but we all have situations where we should have done something and we didn't...so don't beat yourself up over it.

    I would take your daugther's earrings out and get them pierced someplace else. I too have uneven second holes in my ears but they're not too noticeable so I don't worry about it too much. However, I can see how you're upset by this especially since you told the doctor they were uneven and he did nothing to fix the problem. And it especially angers me that he didn't even clean her ears off before piercing them! I've gotten all my ear piercings done at the MALL and they did that!! They should ALWAYS verify with you whether or not you like the placement of the holes before they insert the earrings. I've had young girls pierce my ears and even they asked that, so this doctor just seems very unprofessional.
  10. I had second earrings done when I was younger and they were really uneven. I just left them the way they were. Nobody ever noticed.

    I'm sorry this happened to you. That guy sounds like a total jerk. If it really bothers you, I think you should just take them out and let them heal until she gets older. It hurts really bad when you take out a piercing and repierce it too soon.
  11. That's terrible!

    When I had mine done at 7 it wasnt' too bad but I notice now at 21 for some reason the hole isn't right, one of them is off centre and also it is on an angle so I have trouble putting in an earring and everytime it has to bleed until I find the right spot, it seems to have 2 holes in the front sort of thing.

    Wish I could get it redone, the only problem is that they don't seem to close up no matter what.
  12. Definitely take out her piercings now. Her skin hasn't toughened up yet so it'll heal over really quickly. In the future, it's better to take her to a professional piercer. They have to follow health standards and they have a lot more experience since they do this all day. You could even have two people do the piercings at the same time so there's less pain.
  13. Yeah that.
  14. Yup, you gotta let the piercings close up. Maybe in 6 months when they're fully healed you can take her somewhere else. What a hack of a doctor!

  15. A pediatrician pierced my daughter's ears & they are uneven as well. Take them out while they are new & able to close up. I wouldnt pierce them again until your daughter asks. Pediatricians are not piercers :cursing: learned my lesson. I kept my daughters in too long and they wont close.