Uneducated buyer or scammer: Claiming my item is a replica - Please help

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  1. Hello all,

    I have recently sold my Chloe bag to a buyer and now she claimed it is a fake. She wanted me to refund her the money 1st before she return the bag to me. I posted 24 or so pics in my listing including the stitching, the hang tag, the authentication card, the serial number, the hologram, etc ...and even suggested that buyer should have the bag authenticated on tPF or Carol Diva before purchase it. My bag is authentic as it could be and it also has been authenticated as authentic but she kept on insisting that it isn't authentic. Please see her quoted messages below:

    Message 1: " The bag arrived today, I am quite baffled, as this bag I do not believe is authentic, I have inspected it and the bag is of poor quality. The stiching is not tight and neat like the authentic bags. The bag does not have a lovely leather smell, the brass wear does not have the embossed Chloe on it, only at the front there is Chloe. I would like to send this item back to you, for a refund. As I have 3 chloe bags, this one you sent is not of high quality, I will lodge a complaint with Ebay if I cannot send it back for a refund. Sorry about this but i do not believe this is authentic"

    Message 2: " Hello again - I have spoken to an Ebay rep, and she informed me to lodge a complaint. Sorry but this must be done, the bag is not authentic! The other option is to lodge a complaint with the local police, as this is an offence which they can charge you with selling a counterfiet item, I am aware you have included the chloe tags, however the bag you sent is not the bag which came with the tags! Please allow me to send you the bag back and get a refund. All this can be resolved easily - thank you."

    Message 3: " Hello I hope you have recieved my other messages. I have spoken with Ebay twice now, and have lodged a complaint. I would like a refund and I will post the Tote bag back to you, as it is not authentic. Tahnk you"

    I logged on to check my email yesterday evening and got all 3 messages from her. While all her messages are written in a polite manner I don't appreciate her bully behaviour by threatening to report me to the police. I was pretty annoyed last night so I just ignored her messages. I have never came across situation like this before and I worry about my feedback rating. Should I just tell her to send the bag back and refund her or set her straight and going through the dispute process on Ebay and demanded her to show written documentation from an authenticator stating that my bag is faked before I refund. What can I do to make sure that this doesn't affect my feedback rating?
    Your thoughts, opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  2. If you decide not to accept a return, she has to prove to eBay/PP that the bag is fake, which means she'll have to pay to have it professionally authenticated. If it's not fake and she files SNAD, there's a good chance that PP will side with you.

    Also, have you gotten a note from eBay/PP that she filed a claim? If not, she hasn't yet, despite what she says.

    If you decide to accept a return, DO NOT refund her anything before the bag that you sent her (in the same condition you sent it in) is back in your possession.
  3. I haven't heard anything from Ebay.
  4. Ok this is rather rediculous she just sent me another message telling me to refund her now so Ebay wouldn't suspend my seller account
  5. Don't do anything until you hear from Ebay/PP or she sends the bag back as you received it. I would not even communicate with her much less give her a refund.
  6. She sounds like she just doesn't want the bag and is trying to get her money back. I would make her prove it was fake. Tell her to get it authenticated. Have you replied at all? Did you have a return policy?
  7. its ridiculous she wants a refund before sending the bag back. even if she's a new buyer, she has to be pretty ignorant to ask this. since you know the bag is authentic, have her prove that it's fake.
  8. You can't control your feedback, not when you're dealing with either someone who thinks she got scammed with a fake or someone out to scam you. So I would put the feedback worries aside and deal with the matter at hand. I wouldn't agree to a return. How do you know she'll return the same bag? Let her open a dispute and go thru the SNAD process. Was the bag authenticated here?
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    Dear all
    I haven't responded to her 3 messages from last night as I was pretty tired and pissed off with this buyer so I was worry that my emotion would affected my reply
    But now I have 2 more messages from her

    Message 4: "I have sent you several messages regarding the Tote bag you sent me, it is not authentic Chloe, it is not made of leather and it is a very poor replica, it is a disgrace you have taken $700 and known the bag is a fake. I have lodged a complaint with Ebay, and will get a refund for the bag, I will gladly send the bag back to you, please allow a refund and your business of an Ebay seller will not be suspended"

    Messages 5: " you have 24 hours to answer my emails, if not I will not give you the five stars you seek, I will be letting buyers know you sell fake items "

    Now I am getting very upset :cry::shucks:. Please tell me what I should write to her after she sending me 5 messages in a space of 24 hours. She now threatened me with negative feedback.

    Please help me!! I feel so insulted! I have never touched a Fake - She is so nasty .. keeps threatening me first by report me to Ebay, then the police, then suspension of Ebay account and now my feedback
  10. The chain of messages she has left you are indeed bullying. I wouldn't want to reply to her either. What kind of "complaint" has she "lodged" with ebay? The only thing she can do officially is file a SNAD where you would get to present your facts. The onus is on her to prove the bag is not authentic.

    Ebay doesn't take kindly to threatening emails. You may want to contact them and let them know about this.
  11. Yes karmen bag was authenticated here on tFer. The strangest thing is that she didn't file a complaint with Ebay :wondering I just check with Ebay I just looked at her feedback again now, although she has 100% positive feedback for 34 transactions, she have never made any Ebay purchase more than $50. Now I understand where all the threats and bullying coming from.
  12. You need to respond to her. She is going to get more upset with your silence - as would any buyer who felt they had a legitimate claim. What's worse, if you don't respond Paypal will automatically find in her favour. Take a deep breath, write a response, and read it again before you send it.

    All your communication should be done through the dispute center, so it's on record. Explain to her that the bag is authentic, and that she should start by having it authenticated here. Paypal will ask her to provide third party confirmation anyway. Try not to be too upset - she's already upset and taking it out on you, and you don't want to inflame things any further.
  13. How do I report her to Ebay for bullying me? Please tell me how, thank you in advance.
  14. The problem is, the buyer hasn't filed a claim. There is no open case in the dispute center for the OP to communicate in. At this point, she should not respond until a claim is filed. Then the buyer has to prove her case.
  15. i think you have to reponse to her and at least ask her to authentic in here so there's proof at least.

    be graceful and not stoop to her level. all the best to you