Uneasy about certain bidders

  1. I have just cancelled a bid on an item I have listed. There's several reasons that I did this:
    The account had only 3 feedback and had been opened for well over three years. The feedback that was there was over two years old and she was bidding on SEVERAL items that were exactly the same as mine. These bids that have all been made on identical items are the only bids showing on the account and all made basically within minutes of each other.

    It's been my experience (In fact, I am awaiting to relist 2 items now that ended last week with the same scenarios) that these types of bidders never pay! I would rather have a newbie with zero feedback than one of these types!

    Anyone else have input?
  2. Even though I personally have only ever cancelled one or maybe two bids in 8 years selling on eBay, in this case you probably did the right thing. That is weird that she came out of the woodwork, and never a good sign when a bidder bids on multiple identical items because chances are that they will win more than one.
    If you hadn't already cancelled the bid before you posted the question, I might have said to try to contact her and get a feel for her intentions. But I don't think you acted too much in haste, it sounds like someone who is a fairly big chance waiting to happen.
  3. I don't know that the feedback is really an issue because there are a lot of buyers who have maybe only completed a few transactions on eBay and are not very active. The bidding on other similar items is another story though. I would be skeptical too. I think you did the right thing!:yes:
  4. This was my first time cancelling bids (You should have seen me trying to scramble to figure out how to do that!! haha) and it was within the last hour and a half of the auction so I didn't think there was time to contact her. Sometimes I just wonder, what is people's problems?! I feel like when they're bidding on multiple, identical items is because they are actually using the inactive account to bid up items that they are selling on another account so they can get the bids higher than one would usually pay for the item. This way theirs is the only one at a reasonable price so it gets the most action. They don't have any intention of paying for ANY of the items they're bidding on.
    How many times has everyone else sold to people with similar circumstances as mine only to see that those people NEVER use that account again?
    She did actually e-mail me straight away asking why she can't bid on my item when she has such "Good feedback".
    I replied back to her that I found it strange that she came out of the woodwork, using a 4 year old account, with has only three feedback, that's over two years old to bid on MULTIPLE identical items. I told her that I don't have time to mess with people who have no intention of paying for the items.I told her that if I was misinterpreting it, that I was sorry. She never responded.
    See, on the other hand moments later I sold another item to a new buyer with 4 feedback, all positive, all within the past month on an account that was recently opened. She paid right away.

    As Kelly Bundy would say, "The mind wobbles!":p
  5. Yes, I agree with you about the feeback! I was more concerned about it being so old! And who needs 4 pairs of identical jeans????? I think I did the right thing, too....................if not, OOPS haha:p
  6. Something similar just happened to me a few weeks ago. A buyer bid on my Chloe bag in a light tan, and she bid on the same bag from another seller iin chocolate brown. She won both bags. She paid for the other bag (I emailed the seller and asked). Lo and behold, she didn't pay for mine. I just won my NPB claim and left her negative FB. She obviously didn't think she'd win both, or decided she wanted the other bag instead. I should have canceled her bid when I saw her bidding on the same items.
  7. YOu absolutely did the right thing...block her too.
  8. you know this is happening to me.. I got/had 2 bidders go at it on my item- well three if you count the other person who was new as of Oct8..
    The one bidder had great feedback but not active since 2006, the other last purchase was 2003- I did not see what other stuff they bid on, but the buyer with last act at 2006 won- I later got an message from ebay that the 2003 bidder's account had been hacked and to make note and if he was the winner than I would get a refund of the fees. I immed sent the winning buyer email/message have not responded in 24 hours- I don't know if this bidders id was hacked as well. I snt another msg that by noon today he had to contact me or I was cancelling- nothing.. I sent the 2nd winning buyer the "new" ebayer a 2nd chance listing- and he/she has not responded either. I am like GEEZ- whats going on here- REAL potential buyers have been scared away and if I relist it for the 3rd time- buyers are going to be scared off. I even worry that I will be accused of shill bidding.
    Glad to hear its not so uncommon and I am just an unlucky person
    Ebay is getting stranger and stranger everyday...