undone.. handle knots

  1. has anyone else had this happen with the knots on the handle? if so did fendi fix?

    i sad... :crybaby:
  2. Oh my! I've never seen that happen before. Definitely call Fendi and ask them about it, and please keep us informed!
  3. I just got mine so it hasn't happened to mine. Please keep us posted.
  4. That hasn't happened to mines! I agree with Greendrv and call Fendi ASAP
  5. I've had mine for almost a year, and it hasn't happened yet. Hope you can get Fendi to fix it!
  6. This happened to my BRAND new metallic spy...I sent it right back and they sent me a new one...I have not carried yet but plan to when I get home at the end of the summer! I can not wait to carry it (and to go home!) I would call Fendi for sure...I think they will replace it if you have not had it for ages....or repair it. That would drive me crazy...Sorry its happening!
  7. so i took it to FENDI... so according to them... you have to take the bag back to wherever you bought it from for repairs ... ie. fendi botique or Barneys or nieman.... believe it or not.. you cant take a bag bought at niemans to fendi botique etc... crazy! i sorta got away with it as i got the petrol from a lovely PF member.... but since i had got my hologram spy there.. they made an exception... eeek!
  8. Will they fix it for you? Let us know..
  9. I know that if you buy a bag from NM, and it's damaged... they'll eventually send it to the company... fendi,gucci, etc to get it repaired. So it's the same process as the boutique store.
  10. correct... tho since i got the bag from a PF member it wasnt on record anywhere! eeek! so i kinda wormed my way into having it repaired via the fendi boutique.... since i had purchased with them before..:yes: