Underwhelmed??? or is it just ME???

  1. I have been very disappointed with the colors that have been released so far for Fall 07. I really thought they would be WOW and they just seem a little boring.... Anyone else feel this way?
  2. I am really loving the quality of the leather, at least as fas as I can tell via the pics.

    The mogano and ocean seem really lovely to me.

    But the tomato isn't all I had hoped for.
  3. I was at Balny today and wasn't impressed by what I saw thus far.

    I saw tomato, sienna, cinammon, plus 2 others I forget right now (the fact alone that I forget them is a sign that they weren't memorable enough to spend $$$).

    I am thus far underwhelmed. I removed my name from the list for the tomato (one reason I went to check it out in real life first so now I know I don't like it).

    I have kept my name on for the oatmeal day with gold GH though. I've not seen that one yet in real life.
  4. me too!! am a disappointed with the Tomato!!
  5. yep, not my colors at all. Well, more money in my pocket, so I guess I feel good about that :smile:
  6. I just can't get a good feel for the true color of these bags from the pictures. Colors like steel/plomb vary so much from photo to photo, that I don't know if I would like the color or just be underwhelmed. I still like the cinnamon/magano, but I was a fan of cafe and never bought that color. The blue and red don't do much for me, but I'm still excited to see pics of ivory when it finally arrives.
  7. I'm trying to reserve judgement until I see these bags in person. Photographs don't convey true color well at all.

    This tends to be a pattern, though. At the outset of each new Bal season, I've noticed that most people tend to be underwhelmed with the new colors. Then a month or two passes by and people start coming around. Especially on this forum, we tend to "build things up" before each collection comes out by ruminating and speculating on whatever tiny bits of Bal intelligence has been gathered, i.e. long discussions about what that fuzzy-looking color swatch might really look like in real life. And then we get all sweaty and excited and eager to see the real thing. When we finally do see them, it's anticlimactic at first. Basically, I think it just takes time for new colors to grow on us. :smile:
  8. How does tomato compare to vif IRL? I would love to know the difference between mastic and sandstone. I just hope that my dreams come true w/ magenta, grape and juane!
  9. I think most of the colors being released right now are "safe" colors. More on the neutral (and some would say boring) side. Those are the type of colors I like, so I am loving a lot of the fall colors: mastic, sienna, plomb, cinnamon, dark olive - I only wish I had the money to buy all of the bags I want.

    But, if you are not a neutral bag girl or if you feel like you have those bases covered already I can see how you might be bored by these new colors.
  10. Good point! I was thinking the same thing. Our group tends to get most excited about vibrant colors, so I can totally see how pre-collection can seem ho-hum!
  11. Tell that to the ultra-hyped, then almost completely forgotten Vert D'eau. ;) (btw, I love Vert D'eau & am contemplating getting one...so no offense to any owners).

    Other than that, I do agree with your theory, KristyDarling. :yes:
  12. I just think Balenciaga screwed up a bit, I mean, how do you screw up a blue bag!? I'm very underwhelmed as well, but I do think steel will make a classic addition to anyones colection.
  13. There seem to be a lot of darker and/or more 'natural colors in the Fall '07 collection... I think they are very pretty but I feel like I already have enough natural colors and am looking for something brighter so I am really looking forward to the Violet!:yes:
  14. Yep, I'm pretty underwhelmed as well...
    Pretty dissapointed about Ocean, but oh well.

    I'm just hoping that Tomato is nicer IRL.
  15. Disappointed with the colors.. and I'm happy about it! I can't afford to be buying Balenciaga's every season!!