Underwhelmed by new Ali

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  1. After Macys sent me the whiskey Ali by mistake, I ordered the brown Ali. It arrived yesterday. There is a ton of distressing (and actually two significant scratches that they tried to hide under the paper covering) and the color is nice, but I am not feeling it. And Macys never sent the pick-up tag on the whiskey, so I still have that one, too. Now I don't know what to do. Keep the whiskey that I kind of like but is too orange for me? Keep the brown that I am not feeling? Send both back?

    In happier news, I have a large white Ergo tote on its way!
  2. It sounds like your just not 100% in love with the alis you have seen. If it were me I would return them both until you have decided its totally and completely what you love. I have the white ali and adore it. Have you thought about black or white? They are super easy to care for. And Congrats on your new white ergo!! I might be getting a large sig. ergo. Havent decided yet lol!
  3. If I were in your position, I would send both back.
    I, too, ordered the Ali in Whiskey and felt the same -- too orange for me.

    I exchanged it for the black which I love. The first black Ali that was sent to me though, had the tags cut off, and the leather was already "broken in". I sent it back, as I prefer one in perfect condition (crazy?). Those scratches would be a letdown to me.

    Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  4. If you are not in love with them, send them back. They are a bit pricey to be feeling so-so about them. Congrats on the new ergo though!
  5. I agree with the other posters --- if you don't love either of them, send them back. You could always consider the Ali in black or white...
  6. I would agree. if you're not loving it 100% then send um back! :smile:
  7. yeah if you're not feeling it send it back and use the money towards something you will love. maybe something from the new stuff coming out.
  8. I wasn't happy with my brown Ali either when I first got it. For some reason I packed it up w/a fedex label but it sat in the closet for a few weeks. Then one day what I was wearing needed something other than black or white . . . I impulsively took it out, used it and I loved it!

    Mine came with scuffs too, but I rubbed them out with the Apple moisturizer. The scuffing is the charactaristic of the vintage leather. The black and white Ali's don't scuff the same way.
  9. Not crazy, for that much $$$ Give me a mint! I want to break my own bag in, with my own DNA on it!
  10. I love my Ali bags. If you don't absolutely love the bags you should return them and get something that you will love. Maybe a black Ali might work for you.

  11. I agree. I don't mind a surface scuff but nothing significant. That's for me to do to MY bag. When a bag costs $498, I have to LOVE it in order to keep it. Anything less than love is a deal breaker. Have you considered a black or natural Ali? I know you have a white Ergo on the way so you probably don't want another white bag. The bottom line here is Just Don't Settle! True love is just around the corner!:yes:
  12. I agree with everyone else. If you don't love them, send them back. I do own the Ali in black and I can tell you that I haven't had any issues with scratches or anything on it yet and I've been carrying it for a month now.
  13. Send it back! Send it back!
    Keep the money for a future WOW purchase.:yes:
  14. I love my ali, but if you aren't feeling it, you should definitely return them both.

    If you like the style, try it in white leather--it's GORGEOUS and doesn't scuff the same way. If you just don't like it in general, send 'em back and enjoy your white ergo tote (and post pics!)....
  15. I know you got your Ali with the 25% Macy's discount, and that's what's probably killing you about returning! Would you like the brown if it weren't scratched? Is there a way to be a pain in the a$$ and keep trying for a "new" one?
    Definitely don't keep the Whiskey, if it's too orange for you - give it to me. :roflmfao:
    But, seriously, if you like the style of the Ali, maybe you could keep trying for a good brown, or try a different color? Good luck!