Underwhelmed by Botkier Bianca bag

I am so disappointed in this bag. I received it yesterday and I had been so excited about finally buying it...and I got it and am just underwhelmed, considering the price and reputation of Botkier. I bought the Concord large ... anyone else experience this? I am probably going to pack it up and send back today.... what a let down. :sad: And I got it for 20% off too. I just keep looking at it and thinking is that what I was so hyped up about?
I don't know....I think I'm used to bags that seem to have more substance if you will..it's very light..the leather is very soft, seems quite fragile and I am worried I'll damage it..the color is not really concord, it's more of a brown with a bit of wine in it. I just expected more... Can anyone relate in a bag purchase?
Hmmmm, my friend bought the med. in navy and she returned it before I had a chance to look at it. She told me what she disliked the most was the color, navy was a washed out black and didn't look elegant at all. I think the concord is the prettiest color, aside from the white, but, now I'm on the fence...
I bought the concord large when the local store ran out of black. Picked it over the navy which looked really dull with the silver studs. I love the color!
I have the medium bianca in rust and I love it...I've had it for 6 or so months and the leather has held up really well..no scratches and I don't baby my bags