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  1. does any one here like cotton undies i like them they are very confe i do like satin undies to what your fav undies
  2. My guilty pleasure is American Eagle's cotton boyshort underwear. They fall apart after, like, five uses, but they're _so_ freaking comfortable. Really! They hold in my bum nicely and give it a lovely shape. ;)
  3. sorry, I'm a victoria secret fan through and through. I love how comfortable their bra and undies are. I also love their semi annual sales as well because you can get great deals. Right now, they are the only place I shop to get underwear.
  4. I've worn several different brands to see what I like, but I have to say Victoria's Secret comes out on top. Pretty much all of their lingerie is long lasting if you just take care of it.
  5. I love V/secret or La Senza undies.(thong)
  6. For me Calvin Klein is the best brand for underwear.. love it!
  7. [​IMG]
    V/S Lo-rise V-string - all time favorite
  8. Mary Green Brazilian boyshorts in 100% silk. They are cute and comfy on! :love:
  9. I like the no frills fabric containing cotton ones from VS or Jockey
  10. i LOVE calvin klein underwear - they're always so cute..!

    for panties though - i'd have to go with Bonds for basics.
    Elle Mcpherson also gives a great shape =)
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