Underwater Restaurant

  1. Check out this restaurant its underwater.This is sooo cool.:yes: :nuts: :smile: :drool:
    The World's First All-glass Undersea Restaurant Opens

  2. No pic ;(
  3. That's awesome!:woohoo:
  4. err. no picture
  5. Yess, my friend showed me pictures from the restaurants official site! Its on an island (obviously by the pictures lol), I believe it's at a resort. I'll see if she can give me the URL again.
  6. wow..Where is this located?
  7. That's such a cool restaurant. I love aquariums and stuff like that.
  8. wow! that's cool! and I bet it's worth $$$$$ just for one meal!
  9. wow that looks so amazing!
    im sure it'd be such a fab experience to eat there!
  10. Very interesting... :biggrin: I'll be too busy looking around to enjoy whatever meal is in front of me.
  11. sorry guys i tried to put the pics on here but it wouldnt take. but its in Ithaa, New Zealand if you want to Google it to see some pics of it,it is very nice i wouldnt be able to eat for looking at the sea life.lol!
  12. I wonder if the food is good... not that I would really care, but I do wonder! That is so cool!

    I would probably be a little nervous down there...
  13. That is so cool. I would love to try it one day!!