Undereye Mosturizer with High SPF?

  1. I don't find that many choices, and when I do, they are SPF 15 - does anyone know of or have a recommendation for specifically eye cream with higher SPF? Less expensive is better, but I'll take them all under advisement!:yes:
  2. shiseido has one that is spf32 and it is $30 for 0.5oz.
  3. Hi, Clarins do a great one under their sun protection range. It was recommended to me as it has spf 30 but is very light and it doesn't have that opaque look that high spf products can have.

    I use it nearly everyday under my normal make up. Here's the details

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is just what we’ve all been waiting for…
    The first serious sun protector developed especially for around the eyes. It has an ultra-light, super-smooth, non-oily texture that simply glides over the skin and sits perfectly under make-up. It delivers Clarins innovative deep-down multi-cellular protection. It contains only the very latest and most sophisticated 100% Mineral Filters so it’s invisible on the skin, the protection is even and unbroken and it’s suitable for those with sensitive skin and eyes. Think wrap-around sun visor in a tube!

    Beauty Benefits :
    - Light non-oily texture
    - 100% Mineral Filterns
    - Suitable for sensitive skin
    - SPF 30
    - Invisible UVB, UVA and Infra Red protection
    Ingredients :
    - Olive
    - Pea

    Method of Use :
    - For a more even, radiant-looking natural tan, exfoliate a few days before sun exposure.
    - Reapply your protective tanning treatment often.
    - To prolong your tan and enhance skin's overall qualities, apply an After Sun treatment.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Choose a product:
    Sun Control Stick Very High Protection SPF 30 Sun Wrinkle Control Cream Low Protection Sun Wrinkle Control Cream SPF 15 For Face Sun Wrinkle Control Cream Ultra Protection SPF 30 "Sun Sensative Skin"
  4. Thanks Ladies, I'll check these out!