Undereye concealer for fair skin

  1. I have hereditary under eye circles, and to add onto that I am super fair. Has anyone had any luck with any products that they could recommend? I know there's that french cosmetic line, but I'm not spending 90.00 on a concealer just yet..

    I went to sephora and some of these showed up..


    anyone tried those, or have any to recommend?

    Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. as much as i dont normally like benefit cosmetics, i really love the lightest shade in the boi-ing consealer. its very light in color, it covers well, I dust a bit of powder on it and it lasts decently too. Also Dior's moisturizing consealer is another one of my favorites, although that I use that mainly around blemishes. I have used it on my dark circles too, and have no complaints!
  3. ysl touche eclat if the circles are not really dark, cle de peau concealer will cover anything and won't cake.
  4. I love YSL touch eclat as well. It is sheer, though, so if the circles are really dark, it won't cover them completely. I'm super-fair as well (to the point that I've been told that if I were any paler I'd be translucent) and I like that it's not too yellow, which doesn't go with my skin.
  5. I love Nars concealer.

    You can see the different shades that are available at www.sephora.com
  6. I've heard alot about that Cle de Peau concealer.. I might have to try it out. Anything sheer won't do it for me.. I'm just super dark underneath my eyes no matter how much sleep I get. I've been thinking about bo-oing! Maybe if bo-oing doesn't work, I'll cough up for Cle De Peau. Thanks ladies!!!
  7. Try Bare Escentuals' "Well Rested" It works wonders on my sister whos light skinned!
  8. I am super fair and have hereditary under-eye circles too. I have had the best coverage using Cover FX cream foundation as a concealer.