Undercover Boss

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  1. Anyone watch this show after the Super Bowl? I thought it was really kind of touching. Last night's episode had the president of Waste Management scrubbing port a potties and picking trash on a windy landfill hill. Then at the end, he went back and changed some policies based on what he learned. Next week's episode features the president of Hooter's! What did you guys think of this show?

    You can watch last night's episode on CBS's website:
  2. I liked it, it was pretty interesting. Not too sure if I'll watch the Hooters episode though.
  3. i really liked it.
    i think the one about hooters should be interesting.
  4. I liked it too. I can't believe the clip they showed with the mgr @ Hooters talking about how if they wanted to go home early, they had to play his reindeer games. Should be interesting to watch.
  5. PS - I loved the guy who had been on dialysis for 20 years and the toilet cleaning guy.
  6. Can anyone tell me what happened last night at the end? It got delayed in my time zone because of the Superbowl, and my tivo cut it off. TIA!!
  7. I loved the cleaning guy!!! He's so inspirational, i can see that he really loves what he does no matter what it is... !

    I'm glad that Larry has been humbled after this experience, but if all the other corporate leaders haven't gone through the same experience that he has, his change can only go so far... you can tell when he had the meeting with the other seniors they all looked kinda arrogant and annoyed.
  8. It ended with Larry holding a company conference outside and showing video of his experience to employees, and they were all laughing. There were subtitles under video of all of the people who trained him in the various jobs about what they're doing now. The dialysis guy is now a health consultant for the company, the toilet guy is giving motivational speeches to company meetings, the girl who was going to lose her house was promoted to a supervisor and got a salary and bonus and 2 employees to help her, the garbage truck lady is working with corporate to develop more female friendly policies, and the lady at the recycling plant helped change the policy about docking 2 minutes pay for every 1 minute employees are late.
  9. This is a great show, and Larry is a smart guy, with a lot of heart. I missed it on TV, and just watched from the link the OP provided. Very good show!
  10. i saw it on hulu and i really liked the show a lot. i will watch it regularly. i'm glad the recycle manager in Syracuse was called up for the lunch minutes fiasco - that was so nit-picky and ridiculous. he looked pretty uncomfortable when taking to Larry about it.
  11. ITA. they all had that "ru kidding me? wtf ru doing?" look on their faces!
  12. One of my co-workers just told me she saw Larry on Oprah recently talking about his experience on the show. And they also showed some scenes from an upcoming episode with the 7-11 CEO. I guess there was a truck driver employee who came to this country from Russia. In Russia, he was a high ranking police official, but when he got here he didn't speak English so all he could get were janitor jobs. He ended up as a truck driver for 7-11, and the CEO was so impressed with him on the show that he gave him his own franchise store! I'm excited to see that episode!
  13. I didn't think I would like this show but I actually enjoyed it. Saw the Hooters clip and I'm really trying to figure out who would be dumb to even agree to participate in those "reindeer games".
  14. That's so cool! Thanks.
  15. I watched the Hooters episode last night, that guy was way less impressive than the Waste Management guy.