::}UNDERCOVER b-bags!?::

  1. i :tender:LOVE my new SAPIN work! I bought for ME, and it makes me HAP:heart:PY! BUT... no one in the office (dare I say my family???)cares, or even KNOWS :shrugs:what a Balenciaga bag is! I wanna say lookie lookie and share and BRAG! I would be LAUGHED :lol: :lol: out of the office if I told them what I paid for a bag, I would definitely get the :amazed:LOOK:wtf: ! How many of you are UNDERCOVER???
  2. I guess I am too- no one around here knows what a Bal bag is either.
    They probably think I just got it at Target or something.
    And I had one lady have the nerve to assume it was 'like a Coach bag!' Grr...
  3. I'm pretty sure no one in my daily life would notice that I'm carrying a bbag. I actually really like the fact that bbags are quite understated. When you're carrying one, it's clearly an excellent quality bag, but it doesn't scream LOOK OVER HERE! I'VE PAID A FORTUNE FOR THIS BAG! LOOK AT ME!

    It's much more casual chic, and seems to send a subtle message than only a cool discerning elite would pick up. At least, I like to think so. ;)
  4. I haven't seen anyone with a bbag around here(in Sacramento area) which really surprised me. I'm sure I will soon, though, since Balenciaga is now available here. I got weird looks when I used mine. People would look at the bag like it was some oddity or something. lol. It was nice carrying something that no one else around here had, though. Everyone here has Coach and LV.
  5. Me!! Actually though, I was SHOCKED a few weeks ago when I was in line at Kohls to pay for something; the cashier (maybe 17 or 18) said "your bags looks like a balenciaga". I was very impressed because I live in upstate NY where people still dress like it is 1985.
  6. I was at Nordstroms and the SA asked if my bag was Biasia. :rolleyes: Another girl asked me if my bag was real leather. :wtf: So yeah, I hear ya.
  7. Part of the charm of owning a B-bag IS the uniqueness! I hate carrying a bag that everyone else has! I constantly see LV imitations all over this valley (they would have to be imitations - teenagers carrying LV's?:girlsigh: ) They are everywhere! Never, never have I seen a b-bag, imitation or otherwise! I love having it by me in the car, even when I go to bed at night, it's on the floor right beside me so I can see it! Hubbie thinks strange:rolleyes:, but he can't say anything - he puts a $8k collector rifle on the floor next to him! :lol: (crazy about him!:heart:) My bag makes ME feel good, I just am happy that I have you all to share my JOY with!
  8. neither my family or bf knew about how much a b-bags worths, but recently my bf knew :crybaby: because i'm selling few of my b-bags & he knew how much i get for them, he was shocked. now i have one new b-bag undercover, i only used it when he's not around :P
    i like it when people don't know that it's an expensive bag. only few people that interests in fashion or bags knew.
  9. I see tons of fake & imitation LV's too!
    Where I am from Coach & Dooney Bourke are considered 'high end'!:roflmfao:
  10. I think this will always be a sad fact for those of us who carry great bags. It is fun when someone knows and appreciates your bag, but that happens very rarely. Once, I was carrying a black beaded Fendi baguette and someone asked me if I got it at Pier 1. Yuck.
  11. That's not very nice.. to many women, these bags are high end.
  12. I'm definately always undercover !!
    Few people here know what a Balenciaga bag is and even fewer carry one (almost no one).
    And it's not only about Balenciaga bags, it's about every designer bag that isn't LV or Gucci.
    I'm very used to it and I don't really care :P
  13. Here you don't see them very often either but The SA at Chloe recognized my B-bag. I saw a few knock-offs here and it makes me love my B-bags even more that not everybody knows them and that they don't have a lable on them. Just the people who're into bags would see what a treasure I'm carrying. I just received my rouge vif work which firstclass hunted down for me and the thrill of looking at it and admiring this piece of art is such a great feeling.
  14. i think having people not know who the bag is by... is the whole lure of the brand and the design for me. If I wanted everyone to know how much I spent on a bag, I'd buy LV.
  15. I would never let my family know what I've spent on these bags. They would never understand. I just know that they make me happy! I love looking at them and using them. If someone recognises it and gives me a compliment, then that's just a bonus. The only people I can share my secret with are you guys. Thank goodness for PF'rs.